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18 11 2012

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I joined Canadian Cartel recently. They have rotating clearance sales of outdoor gear that last 3-4 days each – mostly focused on mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and surfing. The deals are 50% off or better. So far Sharon and I have bought some clothing during a Blur sale and the process was easy and we rec’d our items as advertized. They had a couple really sweet sales of bike gear that I was tempted by, but I have to save my $$$ so I resisted. The prices were competitive with the best deals I’ve seen for similar gear at other online retailers.

The current sale is on Icebreaker Merino wool clothing.

You have to join Canadian Cartel to see the deals. Joining is free and there is no obligation to buy anything. You will get ~2 emails a week letting you know when a new sale starts and what sort of stuff is being sold.

So far I’ve been interested in about 50% of the sales they have posted and the deals have been really good. I’m using the site to stock up on stuff I can use, but don’t need ASAP. For example I bought a pair of shorts that were selling for $70 at MEC and were discounted to $35 on Canadian Cartel. I could live without them at full MSRP, but at 50% off they were a worthy addition to my closet.

Disclaimer – if you join CC from the links on this post I’ll get a $10 credit.



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18 11 2012
Anthony DeLorenzo

This site annoys me to no end. If I walked into a store and they told me “you can’t see what we have to sell until you sign up for a membership” I’d say screw that. It’s no different online.

The fact that my facebook and twitter feeds are now full of people posting these affiliate links makes it even more annoying.

Obviously it’s a successful model but one that doesn’t work for me.

18 11 2012

CDN Cartel doesn’t use an affiliate model. does for example. CC does provide a referral credit as do other companies like Bike Friday.

As for people posting stuff that annoys you online I can sympathize, but that’s simply part of socializing online. I don’t like seeing all the stupid inspirational quotes that get posted on FB and I’d much rather see a sale on bike parts.

Just like those irritating inspirational quotes you can ignore CDN Cartel posts as soon as you read those first 2 words in the post title. 😉

18 11 2012
Anthony DeLorenzo

It’s more the ‘you need to sign up’ thing that irritates me. I’ve gone to check out the site but I’m not willing to give a company something of value in exchange for the mere privilege of seeing what they are trying to sell to me. Show me what you got and I’ll decide if I want to sign up, thanks.

My friends posting the links is just salt in the wound. 🙂

Again, I’m probably in the minority of people who think this is a stupid way to do business. I’m sure there is a good marketing reason to do it that way, and they seem to be doing well enough with it.

18 11 2012

We all have different perspectives so if the CC model bugs you I can certainly understand. I didn’t post about them to get rich from the $10 referral credits. Bike Friday offers $75/referral and despite having been responsible for selling quite a few bikes for them over the years via my blog I’ve never mentioned it when blogging or chatting with people about BF bikes.

I posted the CC if because I find the site useful and the deals have been of interest to me. They have a couple killer bike related deals that if I wasn’t headed to Baja for a couple months and uncertain of my work situation in 2013 I would have stocked up on several more items.

I don’t like SPAM emails, but the CC emails I get just let me know what the next deal is and if I am not interested I delete and move on. The emails are convenient because I never have to visit the CC site unless the current offer is something I’m keen on.

I was glad that someone else turned me on to CC as Canadian discount deals aren’t as common as ones in the US so it’s nice to be able to buy something and have it come domestic mail without any border hassles. I figured some other folks would appreciate knowing about the site as well.

I know people who won’t shop at MEC because you have to buy a membership. Different things are deal breakers for different people.

18 11 2012

signed up, thanks for mentioning this company. I hadn’t heard of it. I never have money, but if I am in the market for something it has to be cheap, and nice that it’s in Canada. Shopping online can get tricky when american retailers act like Canada is on the moon and charge a fortune for shipping. I love icebreaker, but nothing of interest on their women’s page, but will keep it in mind.

19 11 2012

Heather – another place to look for Canadian outdoors gear deals is the clearance section at It’s random so you have to check the site regularly if you want to catch items of interest, but there are good deals to be had.

11 04 2013

Hi Anthony,

I am one of the owners of Canadian Cartel and I would like to let you know why we have the business model we do. Ultimately we would love to have an open platform that allows someone to browse without signing in – that would be awesome. The problem is that the majority of brands that we work with would not sell to us. Since we have a sign-in “wall” it is much harder for the search engines to crawl our site and allow the sales to show up in a search. They want someone who searches a brand to end up at a full pop retail site (brick and mortar or online). So our deal with them is that we have a sign-in wall and they will work with us. It is not great but it is what we have.

Remember you can always create a hotmail account for this type of flash sale site and use that.

Thanks, Rich

11 04 2013

Thanks for the explanation Rich. My GF have bought from CC several times and been happy with our purchases. 🙂

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