Mountain Bike First Aid…

9 11 2012

Mini-Medical Kit…

On my recent trip to Moab one of the group had a serious hand injury and was bleeding like a stuck pig. There were 4 ER doctors with us and not one had a band aid. Luckily I had a small first aid kit and they used it to stop the bleeding and dress the wound.

What’s in it…

I’ve been sporadically carrying a small first aid kit on my MTB rides, but I use two different packs and sometimes the kit gets thrown in my bikepacking frame bag and forgotten so I don’t always have it with me. To remedy that I bought a second FA kit at MEC and I’ll have one in each MTB pack I use so I don’t have to think about it.

I’lll also put the following in each pack:

  • headlamp [check the batteries once a month and recharge as needed]
  • cell phone in waterproof case
  • space blanket
  • energy bars x 2
  • ultralight windbreaker

It’s not much, but it will be useful if we have an injury on a cold dark night 30mins ride or a 2hrs hobble back to the car.



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9 11 2012

I have never had to do more than patch blisters and treat rashes, but I consider a first-aid kit a charm against needing it for more.

9 11 2012

I would suggest adding a lighter and a few birthday candles to this kit. I like the candles that are designed so they won’t blow out ( the joke candles). These will make getting a fire going easy. This is just in case I can’t make it out and need to warm up.

9 11 2012

That’s a pretty good little kit, I added a SAM splint and Celox pad for stopping bleeding. I hope I never have to use either, but good things to carry and not too much extra weight or bulk.

9 11 2012
Brian E

From personal experience, I recommend the space blanket (like you mention) and a cheap throw-away poncho.

I’ve helped a fellow rider who broke his ankle. Our buddies rode back to the car and drove back to us for rescue . Within 45 minutes shock had set in and Tom was shivering so hard from the cold that he was cramping. It would have been way worse without these 2 items for protection.

Both items pack down to the size of a large inner tube and they weigh nearly nothing.

I’ve also carry some ibuprofen. Easy enough. This is to help relieve the pain from a broken bone.

9 11 2012

Do a first aid course!
Something with course hours over say 15 hours long, that should get you enough information, most courses are for people who will get responder help within say 30 minutes. That time limit is critical.

On such a first aid course you should learn to use the resources you have e.g. clothing for bandages, food and water effectively, etc.

10 11 2012

AMK makes some good stuff. Rather than a space blanket I keep one of their SOL Emergency Bivy sacks when I’m out hiking. Only weighs three ounces and you can spend the night in it if needed. Waterproof and reflective inside to retain heat, blaze orange on the outside to be seen.

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