Pugsley Taco Packing Setup…

4 11 2012

Old Man Mountain rack for hauling panniers…

I’m getting the Pugsley ready for a long spell in Baja so I reinstalled the OMM Cold Springs rear rack. I’ll be mounting up some Ortlieb panniers so I can haul beer and ice back to my tent on the beach.

OMM made for carrying stuff…

I left all the mounting hardware on the rack when I pulled it off so putting it back on only took a few minutes.

A MTB riser bar to open up the cockpit…

I replaced the Loop H-bar with a XC MTB riser. This puts the hand position a couple inches further forward increasing the reach. I don’t need all day touring comfort on my Pugsley in Baja. Rides will be shorter and we’ll be doing some mountain biking so this is a better setup.

Old bike – new feel…

I like how changing a few parts gives an old bike a whole new feel. That’s one of the nice things about Surly frames – they are versatile so you can reinvent them as needed. 😉

BTW – I just found out that OMM has stopped making the Cold Springs rack. 😦 That’s one of my favourites, but I have a few copies and they last forever so I’m good until I probably can’t ride a bike any longer! They still make the Sherpa so you continue to have an awesome rack option.



2 responses

5 11 2012
Rob E. Loomis

That’s too bad about Cold Springs. I run a front on my LHT, and when I build up my imaginary Pug, it always has at least one Cold Springs rack on it.

5 11 2012

For now there is NOS of OMM Cold Springs racks still available, but sooner or later they will all be sold.

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