Selle Anatomica Holiday Sale…

3 11 2012

Click on image for more info…

My favourite saddle is on sale at 50% off. If you want to try one now is the time.. 😉



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3 11 2012

Hey Vik, I am finally replacing my original 15year old seat on my mountain bike… Anything I should know about these before I get one? I’ve heard they can’t get wet, for example. Thanks for the tip, hope you’re doing well!

3 11 2012

@Jeff – even the normal leather saddles can be used in the rain as long as they are protected with the right treatment. These Selle Anatomica saddles are waterproof and don’t need any special care. The Titanico is their lighter duty model and the Titanico X is the more robust version. I use the lighter duty one mountain biking and it’s been fine, but I’d probably buy the X version next time.

5 11 2012
Steve Fuller

On sale in any color you want as long as it’s not black 😉

5 11 2012

Black is soooooo boring! Get a red one! 😉

6 11 2012

Thanks Vik. Ordered one yesterday!

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