Winter Rubber…

2 11 2012

Some fresh rubber for my Nomad…

The Continental Trail Kings on my Nomad have seen a lot of action. Including trips to Sedona and Moab as well as a summer of mountain biking at home. I’ve enjoyed them so far, but they are partially worn which leaves something to be desired now that South Shore Vancouver Island trails are slick as snot.

I’ve been wanting to try an Ardent for a while…

I had a Kenda Excavator [26 x 2.35″] in the spares bin so I was only one aggressive tire away from a set of new rubber. I’ve been wanting to try some Maxxis Ardents [26 x 2.25″] for a while so I thought I’d give one a go on the front.

Stan’s and CO2 = easy tubeless setup…

I’m still in my first year of running tubeless mountain bike tires, but I can’t imagine installing tires with tubes. Initially I was a bit nervous of the whole tubeless thing and felt tubeless ready tires and rims was the way to go. These days I’m getting bold and will give anything a shot.

Well used Trail Kings on P35 rims…

I am lazy and the Trail Kings have another summer season in them so I’m going to leave them mounted on my Velocity P35 rims. The old stock Nomad DT Swiss wheels were bare so they got the nod. Neither these rims nor the fresh rubber was designed for tubeless so it was a risk.

Easy peezy!

I got both tires on the rims easily. Fired in 2 scoops of Stan’s sealant and seated the beads with a CO2 cartridge. They both held air right away and there were no significant leaks. I took some time to swish the sealant around in each tire and then laid them both on their sides to deal with any small leaks I couldn’t see. I flipped them over once per hour while I was working.

Ardent mounted up and ready to roll…

The Kenda Excavator has a widely spaced tread pattern with square edges knobs for ultra traction at the back when I need to power over slippery rocks and roots.

Excavator tread…

The Maxxis Ardent has a medium tread spacing with nice square edges on the knobs for braking and directional control.

Ardent tread…

The DT Swiss EX 5.1D rims aren’t uber wide for an all mountain wheelset so I stuck with the narrower version of these tires to maintain good sidewall support.

My Santa Cruz Nomad with new winter rubber…

I’m excited to shred some new rubber! 🙂



2 responses

6 11 2012

those maxxis ardents look like a whirl – just about to change my rear … those racing ralphs might be quick in the dry and summer but go so quickly wrong in the wet and mud … just entered the deerstalker 24hr race which scotland mid winter might be a challenge …. was looking at conti mountain kings but look forward to hearing your opinion on the ardents ….

6 11 2012

Ardents grip well. I have’t heard great things about the Conti Mountain Kings, but I like the Trail Kings which are called the Rubber Queens in Europe.

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