Disc Rotor Shims…

30 10 2012

Syntace disc rotor shims – click for product info…

I didn’t know these existed until recently. I’ve had some funky disc caliper to rotor clearance issues in the past due to manufacturing tolerances. It would have been nice to have some shims on hand to tweak things back into the center of the adjustment range. Jenson USA is selling an 8 pack for $12. I’ll probably score a package next time I’m ordering bike supplies.



One response

30 10 2012

Hope sells a 1mm and 2mm rotor spacer (for example see
http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=3288 since the Hope website is rubbish).
Hope, Formula and a few other disc brake mfrs also sell shims to adjust the caliper not the rotor, basically these are washers down to 0.25mm thickness for a much finer alignment. So there’s a few ways to go about solving that one, just a pity they can’t help when the caliper and rotor are too close together.

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