Adios Amigos!

27 10 2012

Good times in the dirt!

Sad to say both Scott and Aaron are leaving Vancouver Island and moving to Alberta in the next month or two. 😦 Alberta’s economy is booming with Black Gold running in the gutters everywhere. I can certainly sympathize with the desire to cross the Rockies and take advantage of the good times. Vancouver Island’s economy pales in comparison.

We had lots of fun on and off the bikes. I wish both of you the best in your new adventures in Albertistan! The Rock won’t be the same without you.

In the words of a great Vulcan – “Live long & prosper!”



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27 10 2012

Eeek, that’s horrible! Vancouver Island is creating refugees! The real estate bubble on the island has driven away a lot of small businesses. I fled Vancouver Island to Alberta. It was very sad to leave British Columbia. Alberta is no picnic, especially if Albertans find out you have been a British Columbia environmentalist.

By the way, Alberta is not quite “booming” at the moment. The two main businesses in Alberta (fracking and tarsand mining) have shifted into austerity mode and the Federal Government has doubled the amount of Temporary Foreign Workers (ie low-wage slaves) in Alberta. Monster trucks and crack cocaine are still doing well though.

27 10 2012

Compared to job opportunities on Van Isle Alberta is booming.

29 10 2012

Thanks for the well wishes & nice send-off Vik. Alberta will be great & Laura & I will be arriving just in time for fat-bike follies in the snow! Some of you may already know that I bought two Pugsley Neck-Romancers (his & hers) to take advantage of the snowy trails. For those that wonder what could possibly pull us away from Vancouver Island/BC: Laura got a great job with plenty of incentive so she makes way more than my humble bike shop wages & I’ll be able to continue my flight training with a greater number of high-calibre facilities. Change is usually good & I’m looking forward to experiencing a “real” winter again.
Vancouver Island has been a paradise for us for over 5 yrs but the crazy high cost of living to income ratio & the Fu#@*$&King ferry gouging has made us look to other pastures. Some of the greatest adventures of my life have been on the Island & I fully intend to return for further good times & may even move back one day once I’ve made my fortune. Thanks for all the memories…sniff.

29 10 2012

PS: I’ll be sure to send some periodic adventure reports from ” Fort Edmonton”

30 10 2012
Big Wicker Jim

Welcome to Edmonton Aaron. I look forward to the adventure reports.

I too came for good job opportunities. Problem is, after your used to the higher income, it is really hard to move. I’m currently looking to head down to Calgary where the employment scene is roughly the same, however it’s much closer to vast amounts of outdoor recreation.

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