25 10 2012

Ran into this guy 4x4ing on the hiking/biking trails at Partridge Hills…

This all happened in Growland Tod Provincial Park where the hiking & biking trails are located at Partridge Hills.

Cutting down trees and tearing up the trails = not cool…

I pointed out to the driver that he’d destroy the trails, but he didn’t seem to get it.

I reported the driver to the Park Office…

His goal was to drive as far up the hill as he could and then he would hike the rest of the way. WTF?



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25 10 2012

Wow. That’s terrible.

Guess you have idiots in Canada, too.

25 10 2012

What a jackass!

As a formerly avid backpacker, that infuriates me as well! Glad you doccumentd it, and hope this guy gets a big fat ticket!

That doesn’t make up for the trail damage he caused, but might stop him from doing it again.

25 10 2012
mike Croy


26 10 2012

Another “gasshole” invades hikers’ & bikers’ playground because he’s shredded his own to pieces.

27 10 2012
Fat Bob

what a tool. I’ve done some “wheeling” in my day, but never on a hiker/biker trail, and even among gassholes, it’s a no-no to cut down a tree, we had one guy banned from our 4×4 club for doing this. Glad you reported him.

27 10 2012

This sort of lack of respect is increasing, and generally I have to watch out for atv’s and motorbikes on walking and mountain bike trails. I have been stuck on narrow singletrack with nowhere to go as motorbikes storm by. They leave destruction, ignore signs saying ‘No motorized vehicles’ and think it is their right to drive wherever. People riding horses have to try get out of the way and deal with scared horses. Try and point out that they are violating rules and get a face full of obscenities. Once a couple of girls said it was too hard to walk as they rode their atvs on a gentle walking trail!!
ATV’s have exploded on the sunshine coast. I used to see a few, now all the time I see them on the backs of trucks or grinding away on mountain bike trails. There are loads of actual logging roads for atvs and big trucks to drive on. The weird thing is this joker was actually planning to go for a hike. What, couldn’t walk the whole way? I try to rationalize that they like nature too, but the loud motors and gassy fumes are disgusting and scare wildlife, and they damage plant life. then they have parties, burn things, leave garbage and beer cans everywhere.

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