Thumbs Up for Partridge Hills…

23 10 2012

The colours of a Vancouver Island Fall…

I nearly ripped my thumb off in a freak mountain bike accident two weeks ago and had to stay off the bike to let it heal. Although it wasn’t 100% I decided it was time to get rolling again so we headed to Partridge Hills to see how the trails were dealing with our first rains of the winter season.

Sharon on top of it…

In the past we have joked about how lost we always get in the complex trail network here, but I’ve finally found a mapping solution that shows the trails and keeps us on track. I’ll post about it tomorrow.

Mike and Sabrina…

We ran into Mike and Sabrina on the trails. Mike passed on a tip on a new trail he found which was cool. We ended up riding it backwards so we climbed what could be a fun technical downhill. Next time we’ll ride it the opposite way and then link up to some other trails to make a loop back to the parking lot.

Turning over some new leaves…

All the leaves that have fallen definitely make for beautiful riding, but route finding on some of the less used trails was a bit of a challenge.

Sharon having fun…

My thumb protested a few times and there was some pain going on, but later that day it actually felt better than before the ride so I made the right call. Resting an injury is smart, but joints tighten up if you don’t use them so injury recovery needs a balance of rest and rehabilitation. I can assure you I didn’t trying anything more gnarly than staying on the trail and pedaling my bike.

On top of Cole Hill…

This photo was taken on The Greater Good a new trail [we found thanks to Mike] that climbs up and over Cole Hill.

Yeah for trail markings…

It’s nice to see some of the trails at Partridge Hills get marked semi-officially.

Tight squeeze in the trees…

All in all it was a nice day to be in the forest riding our bikes and neither of us fell of our bikes!… 🙂

BTW – for any locals the trails are in perfect shape. No standing water, no mud and lots of leaves to shred!



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