19 10 2012

Size matters…

Three years ago I spent the unholy sum of $2K on a giant 32″ monitor. For someone who works on their computer I can say without a doubt it was the best upgrade ever. I can have 3 full documents open and work on them simultaneously which is amazing. Life was good until recently when the monitor failed outside of warranty and I just couldn’t afford $2K on a replacement. I had to go back to a spare 17″ monitor I have. To picture that in the image above just imagine two monitors the size of my laptop screen instead of a mega monitor and the laptop.

You don’t truly appreciate the glory of computer monitor real estate heaven until you have it and lose it!  🙂 😦

Left to my own devices I would have recycled the big screen and got on with my life. Luckily my friend Kurt owns two of the same large monitors [yes his workstation is EPIC!] and both failed in the same way mine did. He researched the problem – which it turns out is common for this brand/model and discovered if you pull out the motherboard and heat it carefully the solder on the connections melts and the monitor is healed.

Of course it’s easy to damage the motherboard and monitor as you conduct this repair so it’s not risk free, but given that the beast was broken I was all for trying to fix it. Kurt managed to get her working for me. Which is so awesome! 🙂 Not only was the monitor saved from becoming e-waste my Lazy Rando Command Centre is back to full power! 😉 Best of all it was free – although I will make sure Kurt is rewarded with beer and burgers at our favourite pub.

Thanks Kurt!



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19 10 2012

Congrats on the repair! On a significantly smaller scale, I too repaired a vital piece of equipment in our home, with some solder and a wire nut. We had planned to simply dump it into the recycle bin, but I didn’t want to be without a replacement for 2 weeks, so I tore into it and found the broken connection.

We are too much of a throw-away society, so it does feel good to repair something instead of discarding it and spending more money! (Money that could be better spend on more bike gear!)

19 10 2012
Doug (@ecoDoug)

I’ve wanted a 24″ monitor for a while now, and even though they’ve come WAY down in cost, I keep spending all my spare change on bike parts. Funny how that works, huh?

19 10 2012

I certainly hope it doesn’t STILL cost $2k. Desks in my office are starting to get covered by pairs of Dell U2711 (think Thunderbolt Display, except black and ugly). That’s 5120×1440 pixels of glory.

19 10 2012

@Champs – this monitor [in Canada] was still around $1800 when we checked last. I don’t think they sell that many 32″ monitors which is why the cost isn’t dropping through volume.

Sales tax is 12% here which adds to my pain.

19 10 2012

I should note the problem isn’t that a new monitor costs $1800 vs. $2000 or $1500 – it’s just that I’m not working full time and work is even less certain for next year so I can’t spend $$ on a new mega monitor when I have the 17″ spare sitting around. My bikes and kite gear needs some love every month as things wear out or I want to make some modest upgrades. That’s where I’m focusing my spare $$ as well I’m trying to save a bit each month to ensure I have a reasonable buffer in my bank account for next year.

19 10 2012
Micheal Blue

Ah, you seem to have Linux on the big one and Apple as the laptop. My home computers are also Apple. Have you seen the new Thunderbolt displays? Sweet. I wish I could divert money to buying one. I can identify with what you write about large displays. At work I had a company-issued 19″-inch LCD display. But then I bought, for my own money, a 23-inch LED display and love it. Worth the price.

19 10 2012

@MB – the big screen is attached to the Mac laptop.

20 10 2012
Dean Zimmer

Vic I certainly agree about the awesome functionality of the big screens. I switched to a 27″ 3 years ago and really miss it when i have to travel and use only my laptop display.
What really rocked my socks is that yellow industrialized looking keyboard in the picture. Where did that come from? I bet it wouldn’t show peanut butter and coffee stains like a black one!

20 10 2012

@Dean – that’s a white apple bluetooth keyboard. It gets pretty filthy sadly. The yellow is just from the warm indoor lighting.

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