Bike Friday Tikit Stem Mast Solution…

13 10 2012

Click image to jump to stem replacement form…

I’m reposting an email from Bike Friday which provides the info you need to get your Tikit rolling again.

“Dear Bike Friday tikit owners:

We know you are anxious to get back on your tikit. We have finalized the first steps of the replacement process.

We will build replacement stems for the 3,800 tikits spread around the world, and will work with each of you to see that your stem is replaced and you are back on your tikit as quickly as we can.

We will send the replacement stem directly to you or your Bike Friday dealer, your choice. We will reimburse tikit owners with a stipend for the labor cost of installing the replacement stem. tikit owners in the USA will be asked to send their defective stems back to us for disposal.

We can’t express how deep our gratitude is for the continuing support and patience of all tikit owners. We were humbled by the response to our call for financing ideas to enable us to move faster with our process than we would be able to do otherwise. We are working on that while we continue to move ahead at best speed. Already several people have come forward so that our confidence is much improved.

We are making progress in lining up material and the additional manpower necessary to build replacement tikit stems.

One of the biggest challenges in the next phase will be deciding what order to replace the stems. Thank you to those who already have offered to wait while those in urgent need are taken care of first.

This form is somewhat extensive and detailed, as we do need all this information to implement each stem replacement. We also give you the opportunity to rate your level of urgency so we can make sure those who rely on their tikits everyday can be serviced as soon as possible.

Please fill out the STEM REPLACEMENT FORM that you need to have to get a new stem as quick as possible. This is IN ADDITION to the registration for updates form and inspection survey we have previously asked you to fill out. Sorry for so many forms.

You can find all information pertaining to the stem issue at this link to our website.

If you know of any other tikit owners who may not be reading their e-mail please pass this message on to them. We want to find everyone!

Thank you again for your patience.

Alan Scholz, Co-Founder, Bike Friday

Bike Friday tikit owners hot line phone number: 541-683-0175, International +1 541-683-0175

Bike Friday tikit owners email”



7 responses

5 11 2012
Micheal Blue

Vik, so I finally received the new tikit. I’d like to ask you two questions.
When I fold it, there is not enough action to swing the rear all the way under the bike – I have to help it with a foot; I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the extra weight of the folding rear rack – have you experienced this when you tested the folding rack? The second question is, it has the standard derailleur setup and in the highest gear the chain slightly rubs against the chain ring guard. Is this happening on yours? Thanks for the answers. It’s a great little machine. Got it with the trailer.

5 11 2012

Let me tackle your last question first. My Tikit is coming up on 5yrs old so there are quite a few differences between mine and yours. Mine doesn’t rub on chainguard in any gear. I’d ask BF about that and see what adjustments may be possible.

I’m not sure what you mean by “not enough action” to swing the rear under the bike? The bike won’t fold closed simply by dropping the rear part. I let the rear part swing down and then let it rest on the rear rack as I move the bike backwards and down into the closed position. The rear triangle is bolted on with a hinge and depending how tight the hinge is the rear swings more or less easily. Too loose isn’t great, but too tight and the rear triangle requires some help to fold and unfold.

Enjoy the new Tikit!

5 11 2012
Micheal Blue

Thanks, Vik. I’m aware that it won’t fold by simply letting the rear drop down. I watched the video and practiced, but still. I guess it must be the tighter hinge. I don’t want to touch the bolts and nuts now. Perhaps it will loosen up with use 🙂

5 11 2012

Give it a month and if you still feel the hinge is too tight I’d consider adjusting the mechanism.

Do you have a hyperfold or a impulse fold model?

6 11 2012
Micheal Blue

It’s what you call the impulse fold. You were right about the ride quality. It’s nice. Right now the bike is resting folded in my cubicle and just chirped in my ear to say hi to Vik. I was impressed with it’s speed, coming to work today.
On my Dahon I’d go at about 21 or 22 km/h, sometimes just 20, so as not to sweat when going to work. This morning the bike computer was showing even 24 km/h and I wasn’t trying hard, just keeping a tempo below the sweat level. Yes, it was cooler, and the riding position is different on this bike – much more aerodynamic, but somehow I thought the much-smaller wheels would make me pedal faster, regardless of the gearing. Anyway, really nice bike.

6 11 2012

My GF is saving up for her own pink Tikit. Hopefully we can get her one in 2013. I gave her my old Dahon for free, but she gets tweaked every time she sees me fold my Tikit in 5 seconds and she’s still folding/unfolding her Dahon as I wait.

6 11 2012
Micheal Blue

Vik, you can see it here:

Hopefully the link will work. I’ve never used Flickr before.

My Dahon had one too many critical issues, so rather than to possibly propagate them by selling it or giving it away, I threw it in the dumpster.
Too bad. Nice-looking bike, just not reliable for my use.

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