Sharon’s Cross Check in action…

11 10 2012

Dual B&M lights for maximum foggy firepower…

This is a shot of Sharon leaving for work on a foggy island morning. She’s got a B&M Ixon IQ on the bars powered by 4 AA rechargeable batteries and a IQ Cyo Plus R on the right fork leg powered by a Shimano dynohub. Both lights share the same bulb technology and have a vertical cut off so light is focused where she needs it down on the road; not into the eye’s of oncoming riders and drivers.

Dual rear blinkies…

On the rear she has dual PDW Radbot 1000 1W LEDs set to slow blink. This mode is easily visible, gentle on the batteries and considerate for any riders or drivers that follow her bike. Fast strobe style rear lights are very hard on the eyes of anyone forced to look at them.

With dual lights front and rear she doesn’t have to worry much about charging batteries or a failure of one light.

Our motto for bike lighting – Effective and considerate!

Asking Sharon how she liked the new dual light setup her reply was – “…awesome!…” I guess we have another satisfied customer at the Lazy Rando Bike Shop… 😉



7 responses

11 10 2012


The beam from that light is extraordinary. The focused beam has to be seen to be believed. I have the IxonIQ light as well, and it so different from every other light out in the market. It really does everything Vik says. I only wish it had a blinky feature for daylight riding. I’m thinking about adding a second battery powered blinky for that purpose.


11 10 2012
Doug (@ecoDoug)

Looks great! Love the coroplast pannier too. I’ve finally plunked down for a real commuter light (instead of knog garbage), a Cygolite Metro 300. Figuring that I can use it in tandem with a more powerful trail light for night mtb/cx and with a dynohub+light setup eventually.

11 10 2012

Wow. I never thought of running BOTH my Ixon IQ and Cyo. That’s awesome!
I’m curious, if you already have the dyno hub why not make one of the rear lights wired? I’ll put in a plug for the B&M Toplight Line Plus as a fantastic rear dynamo light.

11 10 2012

@Pete – we have loads of battery powered rear LED lights so we’d have to buy a rear dynolight. The wiring is ugly and I know many people who’ve had rear dynolight failures due to wiring damage. Most of the rear dynolights I’ve seen are fairly dim compared to the LED battery lights we have. Battery LEDs on flash last a month of winter commuting for her and they never fail at the same time plus we have so many if one dies she can grab another fresh one and then charge the dead batteries later. So it’s not the same hassle as a battery LED front light.

All in all I just don’t see a compelling case for a rear dynolight. I mentioned they exist to Sharon and told her I could install one if she really wanted it.

11 10 2012

“Effective and considerate!”

Hear-freaking-hear. Seizure-strobe and helmet-mounted trail lights in your face are very uncool.

13 10 2012

In the top photo, I thought the Donkey Box was a trash can about to get hit by that truck

29 10 2012

Donkey Box!!!

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