New Liquid Force Envy 12m Kite…

5 10 2012

Sharon’s new 12M Envy…

I first laid my hands on a Liquid Force Envy in 2010 when KPS [Kite Paddle Surf Bellingham] lent me a demo to try. It was very well made and seemed like a fun kite that I figured would be good for my GF Sharon when she out grew the hand me down kites I gave her to learn on. As it turned out that’s exactly what happened and Sharon bought a 9m Envy last summer. After using it for a few months she picked up a 7m Envy. The 7m & 9m Envy really worked well for her. They are easy to fly, stable and they have lots of performance potential when you are ready to rock. The only problem was when things were light she had to go back the big old 12m hand me down kite. So she picked up a 12m Envy last week to round out her quiver. She’s fairly light so if she can’t ride a 12m kite it’s probably time to sip on a Margarita and get a tan 😉

LF Envy in action…

Her new kite looks like the one above, but with more blue in it. That’s good because her 7m & 9m kites are pink and I was hoping to borrow the 12m Envy when Sharon wasn’t using it. I lack a kite between my 10m & 17m sizes so I figure having lent her kites and boards to learn on it would only be fair if she lent me that 12m Envy from time to time. I’m happy it’s not hot pink 😉

Sharon showing some Liquid Force Envy love…

Besides the great construction and confidence inspiring performance we keep buying more Envys because Liquid Force stands behind their product offering superb customer service. At the dealer level Kite Paddle Surf has been fantastic about answering questions, providing setup tips and generally making sure we get the most from our kites. I contacted Liquid Force HQ about buying some replacement lines for one of Sharon’s kites after we cut them by accident and they sent us what we needed to fix the problem at no cost. Thanks!

I should note the Envy isn’t a beginner only kite. Although it’s plenty stable if you ask it to turn it will spin around on its axis nice and fast for a constant pull through a turn or to give you some hang time when you jump. I know lots of expert kiteboarders who ride them as the core of their quiver. My main kites will need replacing after next season and I’ll definitely be looking at the Liquid Force line up to see what they’ve got for me.

Now that Sharon has 3 new or nearly new Liquid Force kites she should be good in that department for a few seasons. I bet her next kiteboarding purchase will be a pink surfboard. 😉

BTW – I should also mention we really like the LF bar. It’s comfortable and the below the bar depower is easy to use. It provides 100% depower when you punch out from the chicken loop and the all plastic construction of the safety release means sand or corrosion won’t be an issue.

You can read my older posts about our LF Envys here.



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