4 10 2012

Wondering what happened to the 770 Fatbike Expedition – click here…

and read this thread over at MTBR.com. My analysis of the whole debacle = LAME. When you can’t work out the logistics of traveling through the modern 1st world country next to yours [ie. Canada] you really have to reconsider your ability to tackle an ambitious expedition.



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4 10 2012
Big Wicker Jim

If he spent half the time in the back country training as he did fantasizing over the latest and greatest technology, he might have had a chance.

I fail to see also how Canada Post is so different than the USPS? I must be missing something there.

4 10 2012

He couldn’t get a Canadian ATM to work so not being able to successfully utilize Canada Post or cross the Canadian Border without problems isn’t a surprise. The really sad thing is that lots of fairly average US bike tourists ride into BC and up to AK [or vice versa] without any problems and they don’t get people to give them $10K to do it 😉

4 10 2012

Could he have real problems with accessing kickstarter funds (no idea how this thing works)?

4 10 2012
Doug M.

exactly why i will never fund someone’s adventure/traveling project/vacation via kickstarter.

4 10 2012

It was all just an elaborate ruse to get a free plastic coated fatbike.

4 10 2012

and a Rohloff!

5 10 2012
Pat S

I casually followed along ever since he (Andrew) first posted on MTBR, but never took him seriously – just too many red flags. The biggest of which was that he pretty much shunned any/all advice. It just doesn’t make any sense to do a trip like this in a vacuum, with all the experience that’s out there. Maybe he was just after notoriety, in which case he was moderately successful, but I don’t really think that’s the case. I think he has/had some fundraising skills, but that the substance of his effort pretty much ended there. I don’t think he was particularly deceptive, as much as I think he was/is idealistic and naive and really believed he could pull it off. I could be way off base, but I don’t think he’s gloating about his funds or the equipment it afforded him – it’s just not that much money/stuff in the big picture. I think he’s probably dealing with the failure of his plan on many levels and that it’s not much fun being him right how. I suspect he’s a bit of a mess, personally, and that makes me sad and I hope he’s able to pull it together. I’d be mad instead of sad, though, if I’d given him any money, which I’m thankful that I’ve not.

By contrast, there’s another guy (a couple actually – Bjorn and Kim) I’ve run across on MTBR who is looking for funding for a fatbike expedition, that I find to be totally genuine and legit. I don’t know him, or have any affiliation with him, so this is not an ad. But he has a plan that makes total sense and he is executing it in a way that makes total sense. And is actually executing it. And I’ve given him some money, and I feel great about it.

The point I’m trying to make is that compare-and-contrast-wise, Bjorn and Kim really expose Andrew as a poser.

5 10 2012

I’ve got the same feeling as Pat, that Andrew was a bit too optimistic. What i don’t get is why Andrew is acting like he is right now. He could use his trip to BC this year as a test trip and postpone the big expedition for 2013. Based on this year experience he could also adjust the route if he doesn’t feel like he is up to the task… That way the whole thing would probably look a lot more positive..

Well, that counts only if he was really going to do what he promised.

5 10 2012


What a bizarre story.

How could people fall for this guy? Did anyone check to see if his ambitious plan was actually a lovely summer vacation? Tourists on vacation regularly go the places he was going, by human power. I have done it myself, right to the Arctic Ocean. Nobody paid me to go on vacation!

If he had planned to travel to Tuktuyaaqtuuq by bike in January or February then that would be unique because no one has done it at that time of the year – mostly because the low temperatures and high winds can kill you. Even then, I would not expect to be paid to do it.

By the way, the traditional way to take your bike on rivers in the Yukon and Alaska is to build a raft out of logs. No need to carry a boat. No need for any boating at all really. The roads are quite good these days.

6 10 2012

I still don’t understand how he got people to fund his trip(I am calling it a trip).

It would be the equivalent of me throwing out there that I will ride the tour divide next year, with no experience, so someone fund me.

ATMO, part of the adventure of adventure travel is the shoestring budget and making it work independently. Come-on accountability.

6 10 2012

@Jason – are you suggesting that you won’t be donating to my kickstarter next year for my Pan-Victorian Fat Bike Beer-spedition? 😉

7 10 2012

Wow, this guys is a joke. I understand people have dietary restrictions, but his excuses are RIDICULOUS! He should pay back all the people who supported him. $2400 satellite phone, but doesn’t have a tent with him? He’s living in Crazytown, population 1.

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