Alive and shredding in Moab…

27 09 2012


The wacky internet connection at the campground I’m staying in has prevented regular blog updates while I’ve been in Moab. Riding solo I don’t have much bike porn to share anyways and it’s nice to take a break from the beast blog for a few days. I finally seem to have a strong connection so I thought I’d fire up a pic and a few words to make sure nobody calls out the search and rescue folks 😉

The riding has been great and I got to go all the way up to 11,600′ to ride The Whole Enchilada which has been a goal of mine for years. 🙂 Without a bike buddy photos have been minimal which has allowed me to focus on just riding. Although I’d still prefer to have a partner in crime on a MTB trip – going at 100% my pace sometimes is fun and it’s amazing how fast to ride when you have no reasons to stop.

I’m at the end of my 4th full day here in Moab. Sadly I have to leave tomorrow around noon. After a few days of tweaking I have my bike’s suspension dialed to the faster chunkier terrain and my body is finally adapted to the higher elevation just as I have to leave town. 😦 Next time I’m here I’ll make sure I have 2 weeks to enjoy the amazing trails the area has to offer so my bike and body will be at 100%.

Now the hard part – deciding what trail to ride tomorrow AM before I leave town???

BTW – the blog will be back with regular updates starting next Monday.



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27 09 2012

Cool stuff, man! Wish I had a chance to visit Moab! My dad, who got me into mountain biking, went out there about 5 years ago and had a blast. What was your overall impression of the terrain? I’m headed out to CO in October to tear up some singletrack. I’ll be keeping up to date on your posts. Great read!

1 10 2012

@Brian – Moab is mostly wide open chunky techy desert riding. There is some woodsy singletrack up at 11,000′, but mostly it rocks and sandy. Generally 2 track or even wider. Definitely fun. Definitely a challenge.

Here are some photos from my last 2 trips to Moab:

2009 –

2012 –

2 10 2012

I enjoyed the photos! One of these days I’ll make it out there. It’s a long way from me though being in STL. We actually have some pretty decent riding out here, believe it or not. Nothing quite extreme lie Moab, but certainly some rides that will test your skills.

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