Got Moab?

20 09 2012

Slickrock baby!

I’m headed to Moab tomorrow. I’ll be in town Sunday and ride through the week until Friday then fly home Saturday.  My usual biking buddies can’t make the trip so I’m just checking in with anyone out there in the blog-o-verse who might like to get their MTB dirty with some crushed red rocks.

I’m no expert nor super fit – so you don’t have to be an uber MTBer to ride the trails here. On the other hand if your MTB is covered in a thick layer of dust from hanging in the garage Moab isn’t the place to get reacquainted with it.

Amasa Back Trailhead…

If you can get to Moab next week and want to shred drop me a line. Sorry for the short notice, but the trip literally went from idea to reality in 2hrs. You gotta roll with the flow when it’s happening 😉



3 responses

20 09 2012

I’ve been planning a trip down there for next spring. Do you fly down, and if so to which destination airport do you find easiest? Grand Junction, CO seems like the logical choice but thought I would ask.


20 09 2012

I’m driving down, but I’ll fly back out of Salt Lake. It’s easy to get cheap direct flights to Canada from there.

21 09 2012
Amy Christine

I’m so jealous. I have been wanting to go to Moab for the longest time! My friend and I are in the starting stages of planning a trip there next March.

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