In praise of a big kiteboard…

19 09 2012

RRD Placebo kiteboard…

I don’t love riding my big 144 x 47cm RRD Placebo twintip. It’s heavy and not the most maneuverable board, but I’m still really happy I have it in my quiver. I only pull it out when winds are light even for my large kites. It gets me riding when I might otherwise be staying on the beach. It’s also nice to have a twintip strapped to my feet when my kite is flopping around like a jellyfish and my hands are busy relaunching it.

I’m happy to lend this board to my GF or anyone else who might need some help staying upwind in light conditions. If it gets lost or damaged I won’t freak out.

I wouldn’t spend a ton of cash on one, but if you see a large kiteboard for sale at a swap meet think about adding it to your quiver.



2 responses

19 09 2012

Would you say it get`s you going in lighter wind than a surfboard?
Any advantages vs your surfboard?


19 09 2012

@Sam – some surfboards are good for light wind some aren’t so it really depends which one you compare to. The big advantage with a twin tip in light winds is that I play spend time getting my kite relaunched with my board strapped to my feet and not have to worry where it’s going. With my surfboards [that I ride strapless most of the time] if I have to mess with my kite I end up losing the board and having to spend a bunch of energy tracking it down.

So for really light wind I’ll use the large twin tip. For light wind that’s slightly stronger that I know is not going to cause me any issues I’ll use a surfboard.

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