Mountain Bike Retirement Plan…

18 09 2012

Photo: Knolly Bikes…

Eventually all good things must come to an end. I’d hate to think of the last ride on my Santa Cruz Nomad, but one day it will happen. That could be next month, next year or a few years from now. Whenever it happens I’m going to be down an expensive rig that’s not easily replaced. So I’ve decided to start a bike retirement fund and put a bit of money aside every month so that when I need a new full suspension mountain bike I have the budget to get a nice one. Any money I get from bikes I sell will also go into the savings pool.

Photo: Knolly Bikes…

I’m great at saving money when I have a goal and a sweet mountain bike is a pretty motivating goal… 😉

BTW – these photos aren’t a hint that I am planning on buying a Knolly Bike. They just have some lovely MTB porn on their blog. If you have some time to kill I highly recommend a visit to their site.



One response

18 09 2012
Doug M.

good idea! when i have a meaningful non-graduate student income next year, i’ll be saving up for a Norco Sight Killer B-1 🙂

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