30T BCD 104 Chainrings…

14 09 2012

Exralite 30T – 104 BCD chainring…

I’ve been wanting to move the gearing on my Santa Cruz Nomad down a touch from the 32T x 11-34T range I use most of the time without having to bother with the 22T granny ring. I found 2 options for 30T chainrings that are 104BCD.

Andersen’s Machine 30T BCD 104 chainring…

Click on either image to jump to the vendor’s site. I’ll update with impression from whichever I end up using, but I thought I would share these rings with anyone out there who would like something slightly smaller than 32T on the front. of their 104 BCD cranks.



8 responses

14 09 2012

Another option to get below 32t!

14 09 2012

Good catch Richard. Thanks… 🙂

17 09 2012

Why not just go for a 11-36 cassette instead and keep the 32?

17 09 2012

@Tom – there are a few issues with a 36T cassette:

– derailleur compatibility
– my Hope hub doesn’t play nice with loose cogs and I can’t find a 9 speed 36T cassette where all the rings are on a carrier to spread out the load.
– swapping in a new ring is dead easy

If I was buying a new bike I’d spec a 36T cog on the cassette.

18 09 2012

are they pickup ramps on that Andersen’s one? Could you still use 22t with that? or are you going 1×9 or 10 ?

19 09 2012

You can get Andersen’s rings made for 1 x 9/10/11 use or rings made to use with a granny.

If I was starting from scratch I’d go 1 x 9/10, but since I have the 22T ring and derailleur/shifter I’ll keep them.

20 09 2012

i guess what i was actually asking, was whether you were keeping your 22t and whether the Andersen is compatible with 2 x 9. but you’ve answered that.

i’ve been wondering lately whether i could go to 1×9. currently running a 36/24 up front with 11-32 on the rear. I’ll often complete entire rides without using the 24t once, so wonder if i could survive with a 32t :11-34. some hills i climb regularly i think i’d really struggle with that, and a 30t:11-34 would be just a bit low, or would it?

20 09 2012

32T is an easy/cheap size to find so I’d give that a shot and see what you think. If you need slightly lower go to a 30T.

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