Quick Fix Surfboard Putty…

13 09 2012

Surfco Quick Fix Putty – Surfboard Repair Kit…

I was given a partially used Surfco Quick Fix Putty Kit a few years ago by a kind SUP shop owner on my way to Baja so I could repair any board damage on the beach. I didn’t need it that trip, but when I rammed some floating wood with the rail of my surfboard while kiting at Lake Nitnaht I figured it was a good time to see how well this stuff works. It’s simple to use. You cut off enough 2 part epoxy putty to fill the damaged area. You knead it together so the chemicals mix and then you apply it to the board to fill the damaged area. It hardens quickly and then you sand the excess off. The result is a strong repaired board that’s watertight. I hit the area with some white spray paint and the repair blends in with the rest of the board quite well.

Fixing my kite surfboard…

After the repair [we also fixed some damage in Kurt’s surfboard while we were at it] I didn’t have a lot of epoxy repair putty left so I bought a new kit for $10 at MEC. That’s a great price and I really like being able to fix surfboards at the beach and being able to get back in the water the same day.

Repair close up…



One response

14 09 2012

Gloves must worn when working with epoxy. It is a sensitizer, ie, you can build up a sensitivity to it after contact. I know people who can’t drive through a boat yard because they worked with epoxy without being careful enough. Epoxy is great stuff but be careful everyone.

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