Sedona, AZ…

11 09 2012

Photo: NSMB – click to read article…

I found an article about Sedona, AZ over at that was fun to read and had some nice photos. The author was there about the same time this year as A-Man and I so it’s fun to see the same slice of time from another person’s perspective.

You can check out my Sedona blog posts here and my Sedona 2012 photos here.



2 responses

12 09 2012
Pat S

You’re killing me with these photos, Vik. I was in Sedona for 2-1/2 days last week and had planned a ride with a rented bike from Absolute, but got unexpectedly rained out. The riding there certainly looks to be like nothing I’ve every experienced here in the NW.

Damn. Guess I need to plan a return trip.

13 09 2012

Sedona is world class. If I could live in Sedona I’d be willing to give up my kiteboarding addiction to be able to ride there day in and day out.

I hope you get a chance to go back there and ride soon.

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