Tioga Zero Pedals…

7 09 2012

Click image for product info…

I’m digging these ultra-low profile Zero MTB pedals from Tioga. I get frequent pedal to rock/root strikes on my Santa Cruz Nomad so these would make a nice upgrade. As a comparision these pedals are 4-7mm thick while the NRG low profile pedals on my Nomad at 17-18mm thick. They look dead easy to service as well and the sub-$100 cost puts them in a competitive price range to the other options I’d consider.

Click image to jump to Pink Bike and read what they have to say…

They work with all standard MTB cranks so retro-fitting is no problem. No spindle – just a huge inboard bearing. You can watch  a product video from Tioga here.



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7 09 2012

At the bottom of the product description it states ‘not for DH or Freeride use’ so you have to wonder A) how strong are they and B) how long is that bearing going to last.

7 09 2012

I’m not a DH or FR guy and at 175lbs I’m not a cylde. I’d be okay with new bearings every 12 months. I really like thin pedals and at $100 or less these are a good option.

If you read the Pink Bike article they comment on the fact these pedals are quite strong.

7 09 2012
Henrik Van Ryzin

Looks like this might be a nice option for my Surly Disk Trucker. I currently have Speedplay drillium pedals on it, and I have to be careful to position the pedals correctly on turns or I’ll grind the pavement. These may give me a tad more wiggle room, and they look almost as grippy as the drilliums.

12 09 2012

Are these released yet? I waited and waited for them after I saw the initial press release, and still nowhere to be found. So I just picked up a set of Diety Compounds, they’re really nice!

12 09 2012

TB – they are still not available – hopefully they will be in short order.

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