4 Flats – 1 Ride!

29 08 2012

The walk of shame…

I was wondering why my friend Sean wasn’t appearing on the trail behind me – even after a solid few minutes of waiting for him. Then I saw him come around the bend pushing his bike.

Taking the tire off the rear wheel…

Sean was riding his GF’s bike and didn’t appreciate how low the pressure was in her tires. That combined with some enthusiastic leaping off jumps onto rocks resulted in a pinch flat.

Time to get out patch on…

When he checked his hydration pack he found a road inner tube and some tire levers, but no pump and no patch kit. Luckily I was well equipped with spare tubes and patches as well as a pump. I like to patch my tubes in the field if I can. That way you always have a spare tube to fall back on if you really need it.

Inspecting the bike…

We found that there was a second hole on the opposite side of the tube that needed fixing as well. Sadly we didn’t notice that until we had mounted the wheel back in the bike and rolled 10′ down the trail…*sigh*

Mo’ flats!

Eventually we got moving again, but only for a few minutes before Sean suffered another pinch flat on the rear wheel. So we set about fixing flat #3. In my defense I looked carefully for another hole in the area of the pinch flat, but didn’t see anything so we mounted up the tire and started riding only to find the tube losing air. So we stopped and fixed flat #4 which was a tiny tiny hole. Sean asked if maybe we should just put in a new tube, but I replied no we’ll just patch the old tube. I was saving the new tube for flat #5 and figured if we had one more flat the Bike Gods clearly didn’t want us to keep riding that day!

As it turned out the rest of the ride was uneventful! Hopefully that was our flat tire quota for a few months… 😉



6 responses

29 08 2012
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

Reminds me of living in Phoenix.. Watching hockey at night, having a couple of beers, and patching tubes well into the third period.

29 08 2012

You were probably just delirious from all the flat patchery, but it hurts me to see your bike on its derailler cage on that big rock!

29 08 2012

@Ben – it’s not touching that rock. No worries. Last thing I want to do is have to fix my derailleur. Although the next ride Sean crashed and bent his GF’s derailleur hanger significantly.

@Greg – I’m not sad to have ditched the tubes in my MTBs. Last trip to Sedona = zero flats. That made me smile! So far no tires issues on my Nomad since going tubeless.

29 08 2012
Sean (aka Bigger Dummy)

Dude! You just jinxed it! The first rule of toobliss is you don’t brag about toobliss! 😉

29 08 2012

LOL….my tubeless reigns supreme!

3 09 2012

I was smug about tubeless – no problems for 2 years then one ride I gave the emergency spare tube to another rider and forgot to replace it in my pack – next ride tore through the sidewall and had to do a 7km run of shame down the mountain.

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