Need more traction…

23 08 2012

Lots of traction pins…

Sharon bought a pair of these low cost platform pedals for her Pugsley that were giving her a lot more grip than the pedals on her Santa Cruz Nomad. It was one of those problems she didn’t fully appreciate until she tried another setup that worked much better for her. Having confidence in your shoe + pedal interface is crucial for a mountain biker – especially one who is still learning a ton each ride. So she bought another pair of the same pedals and I installed them on her Nomad. She’ll keep the old pedals for a less demanding application like on a city bike.

5.10 shoes and grippy platform pedals make for a happy trail rider…

Platform pedals and sticky rubber 5.10 mountain bike shoes can be an amazingly effective combination for traction, comfort and ease of leaping off the bike during a fail techy move, but not all pedals grip your shoes as well as they should. It’s worth experimenting with a few models before you invest in a pair of new platforms.



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23 08 2012

Next purchase – some shin guards 🙂

23 08 2012

She’s got a couple pairs of those already. Interestingly the more deadly the pins the less likely your foot slips at you get “attacked” by your pedals!

23 08 2012

nothing worse than slippery pedals!

30 08 2012

I just installed a pair of Azonic 420s on my road bike – very similar platform with pins. I’d ridden for years with Time Atacs, which were very comfy until I started to get a hot spot on the ball of my foot at 50 miles or so. So I switeched to SIDI shoes with Look pedals. A much more stiff platform, but hard to get in & out of, and very clunky. My goal is to ride across the US, and I wanted a flexible, comfortable platform. The Azonics let me ride in whatever shoes I want, feets are infinitely adjustable, no clacking sound when I walk, etc. So far so good. I don’t miss being clipped in.

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