Surly LHT – Sold

18 08 2012

My 700c Surly LHT – sale spec…

Update -LHT is sold!

I’m going to sell my 700c Surly Long Haul Trucker. It’s a 58cm frame in the original Sage Green. The bike has been well maintained and is in excellent shape. The spec is nicer than the Surly complete bike and was custom built to my tastes.

58cm LHT [Sage Green]

  • 700c Mavic CXP 22 rims + LX hubs
  • Schwalbe Marathon XR 35mm tires
  • trekking crankset 48/38/28
  • XT rear derailleur
  • 105 front derailleur
  • Shimano or SRAM 9 spd wide range cassette [will verify]
  • SRAM 9 speed chain [new]
  • Shimano Dura Ace bar end shifters [new cables/housing]
  • Shimano V-brakes [Koolstop Salmon pads] with Dia Compe V287 levers [new cables & houseing]
  • Brooks B17 Narrow Imperial saddle
  • Salsa stem + Salsa Short ‘n Shallow bars
  • Velo Orange hammered fenders with full mud flaps
  • platform pedals included
  • spare spokes included
  • steerer is uncut
  • Click on image above for high res version

My LHT in Baja…

Fenders, saddle, pedals, chain, all cables/housing are new. I freshly upgraded/overhauled the bike and then only put a few KMs on it. I’ve been riding my other 26″ wheeled LHT instead and decided to keep only one LHT. There are no dents or rust on the frame and the powder coat is in excellent shape. There are a few marks on the frame consistent with touring/errand use.  This LHT is ready to tour and needs nothing  other than some racks.

Note bike is being sold as shown in top photo. The photo below is just to illustrate what the bike looks like with racks. You can see lots more photos by clicking here.

Fully dressed with racks – not the same as being sold…

I’m open to offers on this bike starting at a minimum of $800 + shipping. I’ll leave the sale open for a few days and announce when the bike has been sold. I reserve the right to sell locally if I get an offer that doesn’t require packing the bike.

If you are interested in the bike just drop me an email to threeohm “at” gmail ” dot” com with an offer.

My LHT on the Icefields Parkway…



5 responses

14 08 2012

Goodnight, sweet prince.

14 08 2012
Chris Major

Fantastic Specimen, someone has got great new ride, I love my Surly!

14 08 2012

I sold my Surly LHT bike here about a week ago. I am glad to see it go. Lesson learned about non relaxed seat/head tube angles.

Now, I have a Salsa Mukluk. What an off road animal this is ! I am going to try out the Shimano rapid rise rear derailleur.

14 08 2012

I still own and enjoy a LHT. I just sold one because I can’t afford to keep 2 of them. I never had any issue with the seat or HT angles myself.

Glad you are enjoying your Muk 🙂

3 09 2012

I love that bike. I wish I wasn’t so short.

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