13 08 2012

Look to the right of the screen for some nice links…

One of the features of this blog I love and hate is the long list of links over at the right side of your web browser. I love them because I use them myself to archive and retrieve useful sites. By having a public list of links I not only share what I think is cool with you, but I also get access to them myself anywhere in the world that has web access even if I’m not at my own computer. That’s handy!

What I don’t like so much is that a massive list of links needs continual attention or they go stale. Sites change URLs and others simply cease to exist with alarming regularity. Blogs are especially bad for changing from high quality regular updates to dead with no warning. It seems simple to visit each site regularly and fix any that have changed/died, but when you have 400 links that gets old fast.

Well I was getting embarrassed with the state of my blog’s links lately so I spent a few hours going through all the links and fixing them. They should be all good as of a week ago so click away!

BTW – if you ever find a link with a problem shoot me an email or comment on any post and let me know. I’ll fix it ASAP. Also if you have a link you want to share send it my way and I’ll post it in the appropriate section.



2 responses

13 08 2012

Funny enough, I took a look through the list and the first link I clicked on ‘’ (Bicycles and Icicles) displayed a post about how he is no longer blogging.

13 08 2012

See what I mean? I reviewed that section of the links just before he posted that. *sigh*

I’ll leave it up until the next go round of link reviews. Long term blogs have value even when they are not updated anymore.

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