Bike Friday NWT – Sold

10 08 2012

My trusty Bike Friday NWT…

Update – NWT is sold  – thanks!

I’m sad to post this bike for sale, but I’ve come to the realization that any far flung bike touring I’m going to do will be on my Bike Friday tandem with Sharon – not solo on my NWT. This Bike Friday NWT is in excellent condition with a gorgeous paint job and is fully setup for touring or commuting. Everything is in nearly new shape with nothing required for several years of riding.

NWT Specs:

  • 58cm effective top tube frame
  • Shimano Nexus 8 IGH with JTek bar end shifter
  • Shimano 105 cranks [53T x 23T gearing]
  • Velocity rims [Aeroheat front and rear]
  • Shimano Dynohub wheel with Velocity Razor rim
  • Greenspeed Scorcher 20″ 40mm tires
  • Shimano V-brakes with Koolstop pads
  • Cane Creek V-brake compatible drop bar levers
  • Shimano Sora front derailleur with Dura Ace bar end shifter
  • Salsa stem
  • Bike Friday folding travel racks
  • Bike Friday travel fenders
  • 2 water bottle mounts with 1 bottle cage + 2 Bike Friday watter bottles [unused]

What the NWT looks like ready to pack for travel…


  • this bike comes with 2 front wheels. One is a normal wheel with a Shimano hub + Velocity Aeroheat rim. The other is a Shimano dynohub wheel + Velocity Razor rim.
  • you get the original Bike Friday Owner’s Manual and spare spokes
  • powerful dual LED dynohub headlight for 24/7 lighting without any battery hassles
  • Bike Friday travel fenders which install with one bolt each for ease of packing.
  • new in bag SKS full coverage fenders I haven’t mounted [better for commuting or if you are riding a lot of wet weather]
  • you get a fully functional front derailleur and shifter which are installed and cabled so you can easily convert this bike to a 16 speed if you want more gear range by adding a second chainring

Note the NWT does not come with a saddle or pedals.

Solidlights dual LED headlight…

The NWT comes with the LED headlight installed. You can remove it easily and run the standard front wheel if you don’t plan any night riding for an extended period of time. The swap only takes a few minutes.

IGH for nearly maintenance free riding in all weather…

I find the current 1 x 8 IGH setup ideal for riding in the city and for touring with a moderate load. This bike has a front deraileur and shifter installed so you can add a second smaller chainring and run a 2 x 8 setup to provide added low gears if you wish. I will include a new unused dual pulley chain tensioner you can swap in if you choose to run 2 chainrings.

The NWT running errands in town…

What I like about this bike:

  • versatile for commuting, touring or pleasure rides
  • supple Scorcher tires roll fast and are comfortable on rough surfaces
  • dynohub & fenders allow for all weather day & night riding
  • dual racks allow for carrying full size panniers or strapping on boxes
  • nimble for city riding, but stable at speeds with a load on tour
  • quickly folds into small package for storage or transport
  • can be packed into an airline legal suitcase for plane travel

Lazy in action!

The price for this NWT new with shipping was $2900. That was before I added the second dynohub wheel + headlight and upgraded to a 105 crankset.

I will sell it for $1900USD shipped anywhere in North America. That’s ~40% of buying the same bike new. The price is firm.

You can see lots of photos of this bike on my Flickr page here and you can read my NWT blog posts here.



17 responses

10 08 2012
Dr Jim

What a beauty Vik! If it wasn’t 58cm I would consider buying it. Of course we went down that road when I bought your Thorn Nomad. I love that beast though I traded the one I bought from you for a smaller frame. That was an incredible story in itself. You have a brilliant bike there. Who ever buys it will be pleased.

10 08 2012

You willing to ship apo?

10 08 2012

If you will ship apo I am interested. In the us military stationed in Japan. I will check tomorrow morning local to see what you say. Thanks.

10 08 2012

@Grant – I’ve got $100 budgeted for shipping. I have no idea what it would cost to ship to Japan. I’m happy to ship anywhere really. If the cost is significantly more than $100 we’ll just need to add the extra portion to the price.

10 08 2012

@Grant – not sure how this works in the US military, but when I was in the Canadian army we’d ship stuff to someone close by at an army base and they would forward the parcel on to a service member aboard using internal military channels that were cheap or free.

10 08 2012

Apo is basically a us post office box. It just go to military channels once it leaves the us. I’m willing to buy.

10 08 2012

@Grant – Just PayPal me the $1900USD to and send me the APO address. I’m away this weekend, but I can pack the bike on Monday and get it shipped out on Tuesday.

10 08 2012

Impulse purchase: foiled!

10 08 2012

i just saw this very well timed post regarding mailing to an APO:

good luck!

10 08 2012
Matt from Tacoma

Thanks @jptwins for linking my post.

@lazyrando, make sure that box is less than 108″ length+girth. Ship Priority and it should arrive within a week. Cost me $93 for a ~40lb box near the size limit.

10 08 2012
Jim Wilson

Is your Bike Friday still for sale? I’m in the Vancouver area.

10 08 2012

@Jim – the bike is still for sale and I can drop it off to you in Vancouver.

10 08 2012
Jim Wilson

How can we make this thing happen? I’d like to get this bike and I was planning on writing a certified check for $1900 CAN if that makes sense. Could we go offline and discuss? I would give you a call if you sent me your number via my email. Best Regards, Jim

10 08 2012

Thanks Jim – I’ve sent my tel number by email.

2 09 2012

Lost my RSS feed in Mail when I upgraded to OS 10.8 Bummer. I wonder if I would have acted on this had I known… Let me know if you have another BF for sale.

2 11 2012

selling similar bikefriday nwt, newest model in black color: model 2011. the bike is in mint condition, used for local biking in portland, wien and bangkok:

i bought new from bikefriday direct 2900 usd including brooks springsaddle, folding pedals, fenders, waterproof panniers. selling for identical price 1900 usd firm anywhere in western canada or in the us. you can call +1-778-7467317 or email the blog bikinginasia for more info

3 11 2014
Bisikleta Manila

That’s a beautiful Bike Friday!

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