Epic Stand Up Paddle [SUP] and Surf Company – Victoria, BC…

7 08 2012

Epic SUP and Surf Company…

The Epic SUP and Surf Company in Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island is a hardcore surf shop that specializes in stand up paddling. They sell production boards from companies including Naish, McTavish, Walden and NSP. Their in-house shaper, Jason Heinz, will build you a custom board to meet your unique needs.

Surf and race SUPs…

I was impressed with the high quality boards, paddles and fins in the shop. This isn’t one of those surf shops with more bikinis and flip flops than wave hardware. In fact besides a few wetsuits Epic is pretty much all boards, paddles and fins.

Essential SUP gear…

One thing you won’t find at Epic is a whole bunch of all rounder stand up paddle boards that most shops peddle. When I asked Jason Heinz about the absence his response was that all round SUPs didn’t do anything well and weren’t a good investment once you got past the lesson stage. So Epic stocks dedicated surf SUPs and flat-water/race boards which are excellent at their specialties.

Lots of fins…

Besides all the sweet gear Epic has 4 certified stand up paddle instructors to help you get the most from your time on the water.

Naish SUP and O’Neil wetsuits…

I’ve been thinking about a Naish board so it’s great to find a local dealer who carries their product. It’s nice to be able to kick some tires before buying.

Mr. Zog’s – a classic…

If you find yourself in Victoria BC looking for SUP gear or a custom longboard Epic is worth a look. They take their surfing very very seriously and that’s a good thing! 🙂

Catalog and magazine porn…

BTW – if the name Jason Heinz sounds familiar he built Sharon’s custom longboard last year.

Sharon’s custom Jason Heinz shaped longboard…



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