Surly Necromancer Pugsley…

1 08 2012

So black – So beautiful…

A-Man rolling a fatty…

Cork Ergon grips…

Microshift thumb shifters…

Wheelie time…

Salsa Moto Ace bar…

4″ Larry on 82mm rims…

Surly Moonlander fork with brazeons galore…


Subtle Surly logo…

Surly Mr. Whirly MWOD cranks…

Shimano Deore rear derailleur…

The low down…

Clearance for a Big Fat Larry 5″ tire…

Surly Endomorph 4″ tire…

Who needs a stinking kickstand?

Avid BB7 mechanical disc brake with 160mm rotor…

Fatties do fit damn fine!

A-Man admiring his new ride…




10 responses

1 08 2012

who has chosen the parts? it’s pretty much the best looking necropug i’ve seen so far.

1 08 2012

Aaron put the grips, saddle and lights on it. The rest is a stock Neck Ro Pug from Surly – as far as I know.

1 08 2012

Ok, then part of it must be the photos. Glossy black, the green and the evening lights make together a good impression.

2 08 2012

Yep, as Vik said it’s a stock Necker, but changed the saddle & grips to my preferences. Not much else I’d change, it comes out of the box very nicely spec’d.

3 08 2012
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4 10 2012

Is this the 2013 model? Are the upgrades with the price above the pugsley?

4 10 2012

The bike shown is a 2012 model.

5 10 2012

Thanks vik …just purchase the 2013 model today. These pics along with some of your other blog posts helped me pull the trigger!

5 10 2012

Tell Surly they owe me another kick back! Hahahaha…..j/k…enjoy the new Pugs it’s a very fun bike 🙂

14 10 2012
pj anderson

other reason for a smaller frame triangle is ……less weight

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