The Amazing Pugsley…

25 07 2012

My best Pugsley “Blue Steel” look…

With new tire and rim options available for Fatbikes I thought it would be interesting to outline some Pugsley configurations for different biking missions to illustrate how versatile this bike is becoming.

Pugsley 29er MTB

  • add in some 50mm Rabbit Hole rims
  • add in some 29er rubber from 2.1″ to 3″
  • run rigid with the stock fork
  • run a 29er suspension fork [up to ~2.5″ tires and steering geo will change a bit]
  • can run SS/FG or IGH no problem

Pugsley Bikepacking Rig and Touring Bike

  • add in some 50mm Rabbit Hole rims
  • add in some 29er rubber from 2.1″ to 3″
  • run rigid with the stock fork
  • for bikepacking use some 29er MTB rubber
  • for touring maybe some Schwalbe touring rubber
  • use soft bikepacking bags or racks and panniers or add trailer

Pugsley Commuter Bike

  • add in some 50mm Rabbit Hole rims
  • add in some 29er rubber from 2.1″ to 3″
  • run rigid with the stock fork
  • add rear rack and panniers
  • add fenders
  • Schwalbe Big Apple or Marathon tires
  • IGH would be great for low maintenance

Pugsley Fat Trail Bike

  • Marge Lite rims
  • Husker Du or Nate  4″ tires
  • rigid fork or a fat suspension fork when the come out for 2013

Pugsley Sand/Snow Machine

  • Rolling Darryl 82mm rims
  • Big Fat Larry 5″ tires
  • I would use an IGH for this type of riding

One Pugsley To Rule Them All!

  • buy Necromancer Pugs with 82mm rims
  • use stock Larry/Endo 4″ tires for bikepacking and general purpose rides
  • add in a set of Big Fat Larry 5″ tires for snow/sand
  • add in a set of Husker Du or Nate 4″ tires for trail riding
  • add in a set of Black Floyd 4″ smooth tires for commuting or touring use
  • one wheel set and swap tires as needed

Pugsley Hacks

  • IGH + SS/FG gives bombproof, weatherproof low maintenance drivetrain with uber strong rear wheel
  • FG front wheel lets you try out a fixed gear bike without having to invest in a new rig plus it’s dead reliable as a backup to your normal rear wheel
  • SS/SS Marge Lite wheels lets you build a very light Pugsley with two different gear ratios that are easily swappable
  • OMM racks are my favourite on the Pugs because they are light, bolt on easily despite the funky offset front and back – plus they are crazy strong
  • add some plastic velcro on mud deflectors to the downtube and seattube with your OMM racks and you have decent fender-esque mud protection with no extra weight and no way to damage them or clog up
  • look for fat bike compatible suspension forks in 2013 & 2014
  • Surly has released 5″ knobby tires that will likely work on the Pugs…not sure ho much benefit they will be over 4″ knobbies give flotation isn’t key for that sort of tire and knobbies weigh a ton as tires get bigger.



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25 07 2012

love my pugs and my fargo. the fargo gets the call for dirt road / mild single track… but i do want a ‘pure’ mountain bike for east coast single track / bike packing.

with the new rims i’ll likely be adding a set of wheels to my quiver. keep the build the same for 2×9 rear with a ss rear up front. run some 2.4 nevegals for a rigid ride. hell, maybe a husker up front and one of those new rims out back for a fat front.

its good to be fat these days, and while i eye a muk … the pugs is a workhorse and solid bike.

25 07 2012

What’s the deal with wanting to add a new wheelset all the time? I’ve been running my Pug since I got it in May with the stock LM wheels and 2.4 Continental (MTN King front/Trail King rear) and have been ultra happy with the performance and the ability to use the bike as a daily commuter, trail bike, and all around runabout. I’ve never had an issue with peddle strike, even with my 175mm cranks and I am trying to be an adherent of the less is more principle. I can generally swap out rubber about as fast as swapping out an entire wheelset (Well, not really, but the extra four minutes is a good way to psych myself up for the upcoming ride.)

There is a dude right now who is touring from Alaska to the southwest on a Pugs with the LM wheels and 2.35 Big Apples, which is where I got the idea from. He loves it. And I have to agree.

So, sell me on the need to buy a new, 29’er wheelset. What advantages, in reality, would I see.

25 07 2012

@Philbo – if you are happy with LM’s go for it! I really have no interest in you buying new wheels.

I wouldn’t want to run 60mm rubber on 65mm rims on my Pugs, but if it works for you awesome!

Where I live pedal strike is an issue with a Pugs on 4″ rubber and bigger wheels roll better over our terrain. I wouldn’t want a smaller diameter wheel on a Pugs. 29er rims would give me the option of a wide variety of skinnier tires without compromising the wheel diameter or running tires on rims wider than the tire.

25 07 2012
cycle tramp

Been reading your great adventures with both the Pugsley and your Scandel, and you seem to have both rides pretty much sorted, so i got to wondering what internal gear hubs you use and the number of teeth on the sprocket and chainring..?

25 07 2012

@cycle tramp – the Pugs uses an Alfine 8 32T x 23T and the Scandal uses an Alfine 11 32T x 23T. The Alfine 8 is battle proven and I can recommend it without reservation. The Alfine 11 needs another year or so of testing for me to feel as confident about it.

26 07 2012
cycle tramp

Wait a sec’ i’ll just grab a pen…. lessee now, 32/23 gives a ratio of 1.39.. Blimey.. for a hub gear that’s really low.. and speaks volumes for the durability of the 8 speed.. some manufacturers ask users not to dip below 1.9.. My respect for the 8 speed grows.. first i heard that it got used in an around the world cycle tour, setting a world record.. and now this. Brilliant :~)

30 07 2012

Are there any generator hubs wide enough to work on the Pugsley?

31 07 2012

@Dennis – I don’t know of any 135mm dyno hubs. However, Surly sells a Pugs fork that is symmetrical 100mm width for a normal front hub. They sell for something like $100.

If you got one you could use any dynohub you wanted.

3 08 2012

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