Surly Krampus – 29+…

20 07 2012

Surly Krampus 29+…


Photo: Saddledrive via Facebook

Here is some Krampus video action.

Krampus complete bike green – photo from MTBR…

and another video…



8 responses

20 07 2012
Jeff Bartlett

This bike isnt even on the Surly website yet. I looks, possibly, like my next rig! I’d been leaning towards a Salsa Fargo or a Pugsley but a 29 by 3″ might be the ride!

20 07 2012
I Cycle (@I_Cycle_2)

That’s a nice one!
Maybe it’s time to explain the N+1 rule to my wife. 🙂

21 07 2012
Bruce (@Sacchoromyces)

Who wants a really cheap Monocog®? I just saw my new bike…

21 07 2012
Todd S.

Yeah, this may indeed be the middle ground I’ve been looking for between my old 26″ hardtail and a Pug. Though, you are kind of locked in to a very specific wheel set and I assume tires as well since there probably aren’t many 29×3 makers out there yet.

22 07 2012
rkt88edmo (@rkt88edmo)

So how different is this from the Ogre? More stretched out/widened to accomodate fatter tires?

22 07 2012

Krampus – has room for 29er rims + 3″ rubber while the Ogre maxes out at 2.5″ rubber.

Ogre has all sorts of touring-esque brazeons on frame + fork and it looks like the Krampus will only have the MTB-ey 2 water bottle cages – although that is not 100% as we are working off photos which may be prototypes.

22 07 2012
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

I like beets!!

14 08 2012
Surly Krampus Green… « The Lazy Rando Blog…

[…] this nice photo over at showing the the sparkly green paint that the Surly Krampus complete bikes will come with in 2013. Sadly if you buy just a frame/fork I understand they come only in basic […]

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