Gravel Pimp – Moto Recon 2…

13 07 2012

That’s what ~450kms and ~13hrs in the saddle of a KLR650 looks like…

It wasn’t what I had planned for my day on Wednesday, but I ended up on a long hot recon mission for that elusive bikepacking route between the Kinesol Trestle on the Trans Canada Trail [TCT] and the Galloping Goose Trail. I rode my KLR650 dualsport motorcycle which did a great job letting me cover ground fast and explore a number of possible routes. You can read my ride report here and you can see a larger interactive map of the ride here.

Straight of Juan de Fuca in the distance…

So what’s the score?

  • I found a nice route from the Kinesol Trestle past the Koksilah Provincal Park along Kapur Main and Jordan Main that spits you out just east of Jordan River on the Straight of Juan de Fuca. From there it’s a pleasant ~30km spin down the scenic Hwy 14 past the lovely French Beach Provincial Park to Sooke BC and the Galloping Goose Trail to Victoria BC.
  • It looks to me like both the Tugwell Main and Bulter Main route options will go as well since I’ve found well maintained roads at both ends that I’m pretty sure connect.
  • By riding the Butler Main option to Boneyard Main and then on to Leechtown and the Goose you can travel from Lake Cowichan to Victoria almost 100% on dirt.

Kinesol Trestle to Galloping Goose route options…

In the map above pink is the Jordan Main route I am 100% goes through from the Kinesol Trestle to the Galloping Goose Trail. Green is the all dirt route along Bulter Main to Leechtown. The red is the Tugwell Main route. I’m pretty sure the green and red routes work, but I’ll need to ride them to be absolutely sure.

Time to crank…

What’s up next?

The KLR was been a great help in letting me cover a ton of ground much faster than I could on my mountain bike, but I’d rather tour on a bicycle than a motorcycle if I have the choice. So it’s time to get back aboard my Scandal 29er and get some bikepacking done. I’ll probably ride the Bulter Main route to Leechtown to confirm the all dirt route. After that I have a promising dirt route going north from Lake Cowichan to Comox I want to check out.



8 responses

13 07 2012

AWESOME! I’m excited.

Thanks for all your recon work, Vik.


13 07 2012

Hi Vic,

Looks exciting! I have been cobbling together some bikepacking bits and hope to one day do some island exploration.

Really enjoy reading the blog and hearing about some of your exploits.

Thanks, Ed

17 07 2012

Hey Vik,

Awesome recon work. Have you tried the E & N railway? Since there are no trains on the rails anymore (I think), I suppose one could ride on the sides of the rails almost all the way to the TCT head at Stebbings Rd.


17 07 2012

@JQ – no I haven’t checked that out, but I will give that a shot. Thanks for the tip.

19 07 2012
Pat S

Vik, I think you are really smart to have done this recon on your KLR. While it’s fun to do a bit of recon by pedal-bike, extensive bicycle recon is not a good use of the finite amount of time we all have available for riding. It’s kinda weird to think about in these terms, but burning a little fossil fuel in order to maximize the enjoyment of a bicyle route seems well justified, in this circumstance. I know I’ve burned a lot more fuel in far less efficient vehicles to get routes figured out, and with no regrets. If we all had unlimited time it would be a different story, but as it is . . .

23 07 2012
Gravel Pimp – Railway Recon 1 « The Lazy Rando Blog…

[…] JQ commented on my last Gravel Pimp Recon post that the E&N Railway might be rideable from the s…. If so it would be the most direct non-paved route you could ride so it seemed well worth a look. Our ride in red – click on map for larger interactive version… […]

1 09 2012

Came across your blog while looking for info on the Terra Nova trail – lots of great stuff on here! Reading through this post I thought you might be interested in the 2007 BCBR route. Looks kinda similar to what you’re trying to accomplish. I haven’t ridden it…yet… but check out

1 09 2012

@Rory – Thanks!

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