Got Goo?

11 07 2012

My Five Ten Impact Low mountain bike shoes…

I bought these 5.10 Impact Low mountain bike shoes when I got my Santa Cruz Nomad. Their sticky soles and platform pedals are a match made in heaven. They stay planted 100% right up until I want to jump off the bike and then they release instantly. I can walk in them all day – including getting traction on some seriously heinous hike-a-bike terrain. Given the amount of abuse they’ve sustained I am impressed they are still in reasonable shape and look to keep rolling for a few more years at least.

Old repair on toe box…

One thing I’ve done to prevent their early demise is to catch & fix any problems ASAP [like the sole detaching at the toe box above] and repairing them while the problem is small. Of course I use my favourite repair solution – the mighty Shoe Goo! The repair above is at least a year old and is holding up great.

Huston we have a problem!

After a recent ride I noticed the sole was coming off the shoe body at one outside edge.

Shoe Goo deployed…

So I hit it with Shoe Goo before I went on my next ride. Thanks to 5.10 for making such a great shoe and thanks to Shoe Goo for such a versatile repair adhesive. 🙂



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11 07 2012

510 shoes are awesome. I am on my 2nd pair!

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