Kite Pump Maintenance…

3 07 2012

My old Naish kite pump…

Kite pumps fill a critical niche in our sport. They efficiently inflate our kites many times often in very harsh environments. You need to look after your pump if you want it to keep working for a long time. You can’t cost effectively fix a trashed pump so your choice is to maintain it or keep buying new pumps every season.

Inside of a clean pump body…

Step 1 is to pull the pump apart and clean out the body with soap, water and a scrub pad.

Pump head…

Step 2 clean the pump head with soap, water and scrub pad. Take your time as there are lots of nooks and crannies to clean up.

Pump ready to rock…

Step 3 lube up the pump head and shaft. I used olive oil. I’ve read about other lube options, but had olive oil handy so I went with it. So far it’s working fine. Don’t get too crazy with the oil as any excess will end up in the kite bladder eventually.

Filter building supplies…

The best way to keep crap out of your pump is to build a DIY filter. All you need is a chunk of open cell foam, shoe goo and a large pump nozzle – plus some scissors.

Cut a hole in the foam…

Cut a hole in the foam about the size of the nozzle.

Fat pump nozzle…

Goo up the nozzle generously.

Jam goo’d nozzle into foam…

Stick the pump nozzle into the foam. The only way you can screw this up is to let the goo flow down into the opening of the nozzle which will seal it off and stop the pump from working. The goo is thick so as long as the nozzle is firmly pressed to the bottom of the foam you’ll be okay.

Goo dried and ready to pump…

Let the goo dry for a couple hours. Then it’s ready to install.

My pump setup with a filter…

The filter will keep the pump nice and clean inside from sand, dirt and bits of grit. I find the filters last about a year until the foam comes off the nozzle. It can be easily replaced.



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23 04 2013
Kitesurfing Lessons

Haha brilliant! Kite pumps are a pain, we must go through a few a month down here!

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