The Bicycle Nomad Shreds Hartland…

1 07 2012

Tom “The Bicycle Nomad”…

Scott’s place is a hub of who’s who in the bicycle travelling world. So I wasn’t shocked when he casually mentions that Tom from the Bicycle Nomad Blog has stopping in for a few days to hang out.

Scott and Tom on Little Face Trail…

They asked me if I wanted to go for a ride at Hartland Mountain Bike Park. It would be my 4th ride in 5 days so I was a bit tired already, but I don’t own bikes to look at them so of course I said yes.

Wait for me – here I come!

Of course these young fit riders put the hurt on my aging and tired legs… 😉

Tubeless & tube failure…

I caught a break when Scott’s tubeless front wheel decided not to hold air any longer.

Tom waits to shred the Jones…

I caught another break when Scott pinch flatted and had to patch his sealant covered tube. I don’t think I would have made it without those breaks.

Scott concluding 2.1″ just ain’t enough any longer…

It was great to meet Tom in person and get to ride with him. His touring legs powered him around the trails with ease on Scott’s Jones Spaceframe rig.

Jamming to catch up with the guys…

Tom and Scott kept talking about some crazy expedition touring ideas. I just pretended my hearing aids fell out so I couldn’t be roped into anything arduous! 😉

Forest panorama…

If you are interested in bike touring Tom and his wife Sarah’s blog is well worth a visit. – check it out here.

“Anyone seen two riders come this way???”…

BTW – any photos of me in this post were taken by Tom Walwyn



One response

1 07 2012


I’m not sure that you can get away with making out that your speed was slow – I could just about hold you on the smoother bits, and you were out of sight over the rocky technical stuff!

Great riding – I’ll have to come back again and practice some…


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