Blade Fat Lady Kite – The session saver!

22 06 2012

My Blade Fat Lady Kite…

I’ve been meaning to post a review of my Blade Fat Lady 17m kite, but I’m – well – lazy! I’ll get to it at some point, but I did want to share some stoke for this kite. Like most kiteboarders I don’t stay awake at night dreaming of flying a 17m kite in light winds. However, there is nothing worse than driving a couple hours to the water only to sit on the beach in wind too light for your gear. It’s enough to make a grown man cry!

Me and the Fat Lady…

That’s why I decided to buy the Blade Fat Lady from Kite Paddle Surf Bellingham. She is my super secret session saving weapon. If I have the Fat Lady at the beach I know that if there is any wind at all I’ll be out riding and having fun. The great thing is the pay off is there even when the wind blows hard enough for a smaller kite because I can go to the beach without any stress knowing I’ll be out riding something. Very cool!

The Fat Lady and me on the KLR650…

Now if the Fat Lady was a total pig to fly there wouldn’t be much point getting out on the water at all. Happily she’s reasonably nimble…about the same as the 12m kites I’ve flown. Which is to say you can throw her around without waiting 20mins for her to turn – of course she’s no 8m rocket!

Strapless Fat Lady fun…

One last point about the Fat Lady – she depowers well. So if you go out early to poach some turns while it’s crazy light and the wind picks up you can stay out there without getting your arms torn off. Just haul in on the depower and keep riding.

The KLR and the Fat Lady…

So far the Fat Lady has saved me a number of sessions that would have otherwise been spent on my ass bitching about the lack of wind. Light wind kiting is gentle on gear so I expect I’ll be dancing with the Fat Lady next decade!



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