Craig Stappler – Tour Divide 2012…

21 06 2012

Craig’s Porcelain Rocket equipped bike…

The Tour Divide is a self-supported bikepacking race from Banff to the USA/Mexico border. It’s a long hard event with many challenges including snow in the mountains, rain, mud and long stretches without supplies. The pace the leaders are on is amazing. One of the two leaders is riding with a custom Porcelain Rocket bikepacking bag kit.

Leaderboard – click to jump to current update…

Scott told me I should watch out for Craig Stappler a Calgary based cyclist and he was right. Craig’s been leading the race right from the start and is closing in on the finish at a record setting pace.

Just ’cause they are racing doesn’t mean there isn’t time for a beer!

Craig is riding with a Kiwi named Ollie Whalley so it will be interesting to see if they cross the finish line together or if they battle it out in the home stretch for victory.

BTW – I stole the photos of Craig from this thread over at You can read updates about the race there.



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21 06 2012

Go Stappy Go!

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