Bike to Work Week…

18 06 2012

Victoria Bike to Work Week T-shirt…

Victoria’s Bike to Work Week took place in May. Sharon is our household bike commuter and she participated fully. I on the other hand have an across the yard commute I do on foot. I must say I miss my old bike commuting days and look forward to resuming that fun transportation habit one day when I have an office to go to again.

Scott and I at our bike to coffee get together…

Neither Scott nor I have a bike commute yet we wanted to support Bike to Work Week in some small way we decided to ride to a coffee shop downtown.

Scott at work…

Scott is a work-a-holic and is very popular with bike geeks around the world. So needless to say he brought a computer to our rendezvous so he could stay in touch with his biznatch!

Might as well get some stuff done…

Since I was downtown I took care of an errand or two on my Bike Friday Tikit cargo bike…:-)

Sharon our uber bike commuter…



3 responses

18 06 2012

Very groovy!

Paz 🙂

18 06 2012

Hi there! I would like some advise.. I see you have a rear rack for your tikit. I’m considering between a normal rear rack versus a foldable rear rack for rolling. Could you give some comment between the two. While the foldable is much better, but the cost seem to be of a concern.


19 06 2012

@IMDZ – if you want to carry full size panniers you need the bigger rack. If you don’t want to carry full size panniers get the smaller rack.

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