On One Scandal 29er Bikepacking Mk2…

15 06 2012

My On One Scandal…

I’ve been honing my On One Scandal 29er bikepacking setup over the last while. Here are the recent changes:

Longer cockpit…

The longer TT is nice for getting low and fast when the trail allows for higher speed riding. It’s not bad for non-technical mountain biking, but I really didn’t enjoy the longer stem when riding the steep techy trails at Hartland. For the most part the Scandal is my bikepacking rig so that’s okay. If I press it into duty as a MTB I’ll have to swap in the shorter stem again.

Another view…

Having a frame bag that actually fits the bike is a beautiful thing. The zippers work more easily and it just makes me smile. That can be important when I am sitting on the ground sweating after reaching yet another hot/dusty route recon dead end…you need something to lift your spirits…;)

Fork mounted water bottle cage…

It’s lovely not to have anything on my back when riding hard so having a place to store water on the bike was a challenge. I sometimes stash a large bottle in the framebag, but in that location it’s competing with other important gear. So I used hose clamps to attach to standard water bottle cages to the legs of my Rock Shox Reba fork. They’ve been solid even over some crazy bumpy terrain and with a DIY retention cord my bottles have not jumped ship. I don’t bother taking them off the bike when not needed, but I could as the install/removal process is quick.

Scandal and Hunter…

Overall the On One Scandal 29er has proven to be a decent choice as a first 29er MTB and a bikepacking rig. For ~$400 it’s a great value in a versatile frame. I don’t think I could have done better for that price. For the time being I don’t see any more changes in the works.

If you are wondering what I have packed in each bag click here.



4 responses

15 06 2012

Great set up! I love the frame bag particularly, and also the hose-clamp water bottle rig.

Quick question: Do you somehow fit a tent in all there, or does that go somewhere else?


15 06 2012

@Ty – tent + fly is in seatbag with thermarest pad and a wool LS thermal top. You can see tent poles in orange bag up front by handle bars.

19 06 2012
Micheal Blue

Vik, seeing that you have at least a couple of IGHs, have you had to rebuild/re-lubricate one, yet?

19 06 2012

@MB – I have changed the oil in my Rohloffs. I haven’t serviced any Alfine 8’s – although I plan to give that a shot this summer to see what’s happening in there. The Alfine 11 is new from Jan so isn’t due a service this year.

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