Airport Camping…

11 06 2012

Our deluxe suite at the Calgary Airport…

On our way back from LA for the Moontribe 19yr Anniversary full moon gathering we got stuck in Calgary for 21hrs due to a big storm system. With hundreds of other stranded travelers there were no hotel rooms available near the airport. No worries – we are seasoned campers and we had our gear with us still dusty from the Mojave Desert. So we found a nook on the arrivals level where we could throw down our sleeping pads and bags. We got a few strange looks, but I fell asleep pretty quickly and appreciated 6hrs of horizontal time.

Sharon enjoying our “campsite”…

Sharon and I both used Exped air mattresses – mine is a Downmat 9. It can be a PITA to inflate this thick mattress, but it’s perfect for very hard or rocky surfaces due to it’s huge volume. It’s also very warm thanks to the down inside that keeps the air from circulating. Sleeping on a concrete floor at the airport was no problem at all.



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11 06 2012
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

As a flight attendant I can appreciate your efforts to stay cool and make the best of a situation. Good on ya’ for setting up camp and waiting out the weather. I wish more passengers could figure this out instead of getting all angry. Lots of times your flight crew is in the same position.. I camped out in an airport once for 11 hours when my company refused to cancel a flight, then worked a 14 hour day. My duty day was so long that we timed out three sets of pilots. Good to see you guys hunkered down and making the best of it..

11 06 2012

No point getting mad at the airline staff for a storm. What made our night more pleasant was calling the airline and re-booking our flight in 5 minutes instead of standing in line with 500 people and spending the night shuffling along.

Well that and having camping gear with us. That was sweet!

11 06 2012
Cornell W

Vic; shame on you for not calling me. We would have put you up for the night! Pickup would have been complimentary!

11 06 2012

@Cornell – I appreciate the offer, but the flight wasn’t cancelled until 230am. We have lots of friends in Calgary, but we didn’t want to bother anyone at that hour on a Tuesday!

11 06 2012

Stays at the airport because of flight delays can be annoying, but glad to note that you have found your inner-vik/sharon and made the stay enjoyable/tolerable 🙂

Paz 🙂

12 06 2012

Just curious how those Exped mattresses compare to typical Thermarest-like products. Do you feel the durability is there? Are they worth the dough?

12 06 2012

@MT – the Exped Down Mat 9 I own is nicer than any Therma rest product I’ve used. I’d buy another. They’ve been worth the $ so far.

17 06 2012
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

Most airlines have apps now and using them is scads better than waiting in a long line at the counter. I helped an 82 yr old senior download ours the other day and taught her how to use it in less that 10 min .. Some people like to be angry and wait in lines i guess.

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