Tikit PR Racks Options…

7 06 2012

My Tikit porteur rack…

I rec’d some mail about getting a Tikit PR made and wanted to just throw out a few options and non-options for those Tikit riders who are interested:

  • I have spoken with Bike Friday about getting a production Tikit PR rack made and they can/will do it if they feel there is a market for them. So the more people that request such a rack the more likely they’ll build one.
  • I was asked if Lane at CETMA really wouldn’t build another PR rack for these bikes even at a premium price. That’s my understanding, but you can always ask politely.
  • Alex Wetmore doesn’t want to build any of these racks for $$$. I asked him!
  • You can buy a Tikit 2 pannier rack and attach a platform to it for a DIY PR rack. I haven’t tried this so there may be a problem, but it looks like an easy way to get a PR solution on your Tikit.
  • Anyone who fabricates with thin wall steel can build you one of these racks if given the bike and some photos to work from.
  • Keep in mind a custom rack can be expensive. I asked a local bike rack builder for a quote and he wanted $450+ to tackle the project.
  • If you or a buddy can weld this isn’t a hard project. It will just take some time to test fit and get everything dialed.



4 responses

9 06 2012
alex wetmore

I’m tempted to make an updated version of my rack, if I do the original may be for sale. I guess folks should watch the Yak list for that…

I’m surprised about Lane/Cetma, was the rack more of a pain than it was worth?

I have some friends who build custom racks, I can ask if they’d be interested in taking this on. I’d be happy to loan the local ones my Tikit to use as a fitting model.

10 06 2012
Ashley Druve

I’m also tempted to make a rack. What are the dimention of your rack?

10 06 2012

@Ashley – ~10″ x 10″

10 06 2012

@Alex – I suspect Lane has enough business with his full size bike racks and cargo bikes that fine tuning a Tikit rack simply isn’t worth the hassle.

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