RIP – Santa Cruz Nickel & Butcher…

2 06 2012

Santa Cruz Nickel…

Word on the street is that Santa Cruz is going to stop selling their two APP bikes the Nickel and Butcher this year. Although the APP bikes have been well received by reviewers it seems that Santa Cruz couldn’t find a clear message of how these bikes fit into their line up between classics like the Heckler, Nomad and Blurr. The APP bikes were priced less than the top shelf VPP offers, but not as low as the single pivot Santa Cruz bikes. It was probably hard to sell these bikes to price conscious riders who could save quite a bit more going with a bike like the Heckler which has a long standing reputation in the mountain bike world. At the other end of the spectrum folks with some money to spend would be tempted to spend a few extra $$ to get the legendary VPP performance of a bike like the Nomad.

Santa Cruz Butcher…

At another company the APP bikes may have flourished, but with such a strong line up and established lower priced bikes such as the Heckler they just didn’t find their place. Ultimately the reality of selling mountain bikes is you need more than a great bike for success. You need a great story and a clear message that prospective buyers can digest in a few minutes.

With 650B bikes likely around the corner for the mountain bike industry Santa Cruz needed to simplify their product line up to make room for the confusion that’s going to reign with 3 different mountain bike wheel sizes!



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