Bike Friday Tikit Love…

29 05 2012

Tikit mobility powered shopping…

My Bike Friday Tikit isn’t getting as much press these days on this blog as it used to. That’s really unfair as it continues to be one of my favourite and most useful bikes. The problem is I feel like I’ve covered all the angles about this amazing bike and don’t want to get repetitive. That’s a failure on my part to be creative.

My Tikit enjoying the view…

The freedom to ride anywhere in town without a bike lock or having to think about bike theft is amazingly liberating. I can carry nearly as much on my Tikit as I can on my Surly LHT touring bike and I can fold the Tikit then jump on the bus or toss it into a car’s trunk.

Fixed gear Tikit…

I had the opportunity to swap my 2007 Tikit for a newer 2010 model, but I kept the older bike and invested some $$ in new drivetrain and paint. She works as well today as she did new out of the box and we’ve had a lot of great adventures together. It’s great to know a folding bike with such an amazing fold also is durable enough to keep riding for the long run. I expect I’ll be on the same Tikit in 2017 – although the colour may change again….=-)

If you don’t know what a Bike Friday Tikit is watch the video above. The convenience of the fold is what sold me on the Tikit in the first place and the great ride + the reliability has kept me smiling.

Stuff I Love About the Tikit:

  • fits me [available in multiple sizes]
  • easy uber fast fold [so I can fold it 10 times in 1 trip without noticing]
  • rolls easily when folded so I can keep it with me
  • great customer service from Bike Friday
  • folding mechanism has held up to thousands of folds and thousands of KMs with minimal maintenance
  • lots of options available [fixed/SS, IGH, belt drive, 2 kinds of folds, different racks, ect…]
  • rides efficiently [25km ride? …no problem]
  • fun handling
  • very maneuverable in town
  • takes normal bike parts

Tough love…

The only real downside to this bike is you end up talking to a lot of people that you wouldn’t otherwise speak to and you’ll do lots of extra folding/unfolding of the bike to satisfy peoples’ curiosity. I can live with that…=-)



6 responses

29 05 2012

love that rack.

29 05 2012
Doug M.

so cool! i mean it this time: my next bike will be a folder [unless i see a good deal on a cargo bike].

29 05 2012

I bought a Tikit a few years ago , based to a significant extent on reading through Vik’s various postings (and then a Big Dummy, a true follower). I can also attest to the fantastic customer service provided by BF. Recently the peg that holds the rear triangle in place tore off. I shipped back the bike. They replaced the section of the bike with the peg (now clamped on instead of welded) but also replaced the seatpost section with the latest version (even though mine shipped with the reinforcement bar), saw the chain was too short and replaced it, and did a few other small fixes for me without my asking and without charge. Well worth any small premium you may think you’re paying up front.

29 05 2012

I love my Tikit too. I’m upgrading from a 2008 model to the current one (Alfine 11 speed / carbon drive). I’m very excited about it. I also have a Surley Long Haul Trucker and Christiania “Box Cycle” cargo bike. I’m car-free.

29 05 2012
Chandra Eswaran

The “real downside” ain’t that scary 🙂

Paz 🙂

5 06 2012
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[…] I haven’t written about my Bike Friday tikit lately, and neither has another big fan of this folding bicycle made in Eugene Oregon. But we still have plenty of good things to say about it. (The Lazy Rando Blog) […]

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