A-Man on the Move to Edmonton…

22 05 2012

A-Man going off in Sedona…

When I moved to Victoria a couple years ago Aaron was on of the first locals I met and started hanging out with. He’s been a constant bike buddy on numerous missions around the island and a few beyond the shores of The Rock. Sadly it seems our bro-mance is coming to an end as A-Man finds that his path leaves our island paradise and crosses the Rocky Mountains to the frozen wastelands of Northern Alberta.

Yes it’s true he’s moving to Edmonton!

Why would a dedicated mountain biker leave a beautiful island with a 12 month/yr dirt season and such low trail usage you are lucky to see another rider when you are on the shred? We could analyze the situation for days and not truly understand what drives a man to such foolishness…..;-) So let me leave you with this nugget: A-Man rides eastward for love.

I know there are a few blog readers from Edmonton so I would ask that you show A-Man around when he arrives in town this summer. He’s a good guy and handy with a multi-tool. He’s been looking at getting a Pugsley to make the most of the city’s 8 month/year snow biking season…=-) So if you live in Edmonton please leave a comment on this post and I’ll steer A-Man to them.



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22 05 2012

Note to A:
Congratulations on your move.
Edmonton has 25 more frost free days than Calgary. that’s a month less winter than Calgary. (not that winter is bad)
Northern Alberta’s best mountain biking is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willmore_Wilderness_Park which is like Banff National Park but no roads, motors, or bicycle restrictions.
My Pugsley was a waste of money, the xc-skiing and lake skating http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpQrXtQDV4k is so good that struggling through snow on a bike is unappealing.

You will come for love, but I think you will stay because of a great job, sunshine, all season sports (and mudless winters).

22 05 2012
Val Garou

I think the mountain biking might just make A-man sad, but we’d be happy to take him gravel pimping some time.

23 05 2012

I would be interested in hearing his impressions after a month or so here. I don’t want to taint his enthusiasm, so I will keep quiet. The only mountain biking is in the river valley (someone please correct me if I’m wrong).

30 05 2012

Mr.A deserves a better response, giving up his anonymity for our daily amusement.

Yes, the river valley is about all we have, plus the odd creek valley and flood plain. But that river valley is huge. Most of it is just fitness type trails, pea gravel and such. Terwillegar Park has most of the technical riding although there are small pockets of tech riding all along the river including the not quite legal stunts the kids have built (Ewok, Keilor, Westridge, etc.).
Within an easy hour driving there is the massive Blackfoot trail system (97 sq.km), Chickakoo, Miquilon, maybe Ministik and Elk Island(neither encourage biking).

A couple of hours drive will get you to the Lakeland PP(147 sq.km. + 441 sq.km Rec Area), Fort Assiniboine Sandhills (Pugsley territory), La Biche River Wildland, Iron Horse Trail, Athabasca Landing Trail,etc.

3 to 4 hours driving and the real mountain biking starts, Coal Branch, Jasper, Kananaskis, Banff, plus many others.

So that’s some off road stuff. We have lots of paved trails in the city that can be linked together in a variety of ways. Surrounding the city are the grid roads; Township Roads run E/W and are every 2 miles, Range Roads run N/S and are every mile. They use a Base6 numbering system. Surface can be anything from perfect pavement all the way down to a single track trail.

Getting out of the city safely on a bike can be tricky.
SW….. take the (not open to cars yet) Cameron Heights overpass
NE…… get on Fort Road somewhere east of 26 St.
SE…… get to Township Road 510 using as little of 50 street as you can
E……. cut through Rundle Park, Science Park, Petrolium Way, north on Broadmoor Blvd.

Mr. A, send me an email if you want more info or a ride.
I hope Lazy can keep the TLRB as interesting with out you.

1 07 2012

Thanks everyone for all the info on places to ride. It’s been a while since i checked this entry. I look forward to exploring new areas to ride, Calvin(Calvi?) thanks to you for all the suggestions. As for winter sports, I am getting a Pugs for myself & one for my lady but they’ll only be a small part of our winter activities.

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