A-Man on the Move to Edmonton…

22 05 2012

A-Man going off in Sedona…

When I moved to Victoria a couple years ago Aaron was on of the first locals I met and started hanging out with. He’s been a constant bike buddy on numerous missions around the island and a few beyond the shores of The Rock. Sadly it seems our bro-mance is coming to an end as A-Man finds that his path leaves our island paradise and crosses the Rocky Mountains to the frozen wastelands of Northern Alberta.

Yes it’s true he’s moving to Edmonton!

Why would a dedicated mountain biker leave a beautiful island with a 12 month/yr dirt season and such low trail usage you are lucky to see another rider when you are on the shred? We could analyze the situation for days and not truly understand what drives a man to such foolishness…..;-) So let me leave you with this nugget: A-Man rides eastward for love.

I know there are a few blog readers from Edmonton so I would ask that you show A-Man around when he arrives in town this summer. He’s a good guy and handy with a multi-tool. He’s been looking at getting a Pugsley to make the most of the city’s 8 month/year snow biking season…=-) So if you live in Edmonton please leave a comment on this post and I’ll steer A-Man to them.