Galbraith Mountain – Bellingham WA…

21 05 2012

The pay off at Galbraith Mountain…

I had to drop off a couple SUPs at Kite Paddle Surf Bellingham last week. The ferry ride is long and expensive so I wanted to make the most of the day and invited A-Man along to do some mountain biking. He researched Galbraith Mountain and figured it was a good bet for us. We grabbed a trail map at REI and hit the trails.

Confirming where we would meet the ambulance!

They’ve got a large trail network to explore accessed by some well groomed logging roads. The whole place is private timberland so parts of it get logged every year. If trails are closed for logging ride somewhere else.

What goes down must first climb up…

After a long climb we plotted a fun dirt route back down. The riding was top notch reminding us a lot of Hartland, but with more elevation to play with and much smoother trails. The trails even broke out into the sunshine so we could get a solar recharge and enjoy some great views.

A-Man enjoying the grind up the main fire road…

We only had 3hrs to spend riding before our return ferry called us back to Canada. That was enough time to confirm this was a great riding option reasonably close to home. The cost/hassle of the ferry means I wouldn’t make the trip for a day of riding, but it would be a worthwhile weekend jaunt or an addition to a trip that passed through the area.

Finally we get some sweet singletrack…

Some Galbraith Mountain links:

Plus we had sunshine!

Excellent WMBC trail map we got at REI…

Proof I was there as well!….;)

A-Man pondering our location…

My bike waiting for me to stop gasping for air…

Trails were similar to Hartland except way way smoother…

….and we had some killer views when the trails broke into the sunshine…

Memories of BC…

The area is actively logged so pay attention to warning signs…

Close up of the section we rode…

The riding was awesome…we’ll be back…=-)



4 responses

21 05 2012

It seems there was a lot of work put in those trails. Looks like the land owners make a full advantage of the land piece. Do you think the trail network would be same developped if there was no commercial logging?

And those hills with the sea view are amazing.

21 05 2012

Ok, I see you provide the link where it actually says the Gailbraith trail network is in danger as the current owners have little interest in recreational activities… Hope the local guys will manage to find a solution.

22 05 2012

@Misha – I know little to nothing about Galbraith Mountain. We looked it up online a couple days before we left for the US and I may not be back there this year.

22 05 2012
Rivers Mitchell (@pedalhound)

Looks like fun, gotta go hit it up one day.

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