Where the FAT is AT?

19 05 2012

Sharon’s purple Pugsley mostly rebuilt…

Still need a chain, saddle and grips…

I put on some Surly Endomorph and Larry tires for sand biking and summer/dry MTBing…

I like the contrast of fresh paint and old worn parts…



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19 05 2012
Chris Major

Looks Great!!!

I have a wife who would be most jealous of the paintwork!

I love the look of the Jones bars, have you got any experience running them with suspension forks?

some folks seem to suggest they only work well with rigid forks?

19 05 2012

That looks great. I think I missed how this bike came about. Spare parts and frame lying around somewhere?

19 05 2012

@derrick – gave a friend my old 4×4 truck and he gave me his old Pugsley in my GF’s size.

19 05 2012

@Chris – I haven’t tried a Jones bar with a suspension bike. but that’s just because I only own 2 suspension bikes. I can’t see why it wouldn’t work.

19 05 2012

Awesome! Sounds like quite a deal!

20 05 2012

Hello Vik,

I imagine that your garage is much bigger than your house, especially now you have this lovely purple beast.

There’s a definite movement, a ground swell so to speak, heading the ‘FATBIKE’ way. Having followed your comments on several bike sites, no doubt you are being tempted by such a positive movement and considering an to upgrade your Pugsley. So many choices.

Good luck to you with spreading the biking spirit for several more ‘cycles’ to come. Your portfolio has stretched beyond all expectations. I now use your collection to justify to my wife, that it is always a good idea to have more than one bicycle.

Take it easy
Peter Mac

20 05 2012

Thanks Peter. My bike fleet holds steady at 9 bikes currently [not counting the tandem] which is less than I have had in the past, but Sharon now has 4 bikes which is more than she has ever had…=-)

21 05 2012

If you don’t mind me asking what type of cranks/Chainring size and BB are you using?I would like to run a 22t on my pugs but don’t want to spend the $300 for a Mr. Whirly.

21 05 2012

@Boalick – Phil Woods square taper 100m crank + Shimano Alivo MTB crank + Blackspire 32T ring.


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