Dirt Girl…

17 05 2012

Sharon ready to roll…

Sharon’s been getting better at mountain biking and that’s resulted in more stoke to get out on the trails. We’ve had a number of dirt sessions lately where it’s just the two of us in the woods, which is ideal for working on riding skills with no pressure to keep moving with a group. Mountain biking is a very physically demanding sport with a lot of technical complexity when you ride trails like we have here on the South Shore of Vancouver Island. It’s hard to coordinate things like body position, gearing, seat height, speed/momentum and pedal stroke when you are crazy tired and breathing like you are in a porn film….=-) The catch 22 is that once you get the technical elements of MTBing sorted out you use less energy to get around the woods. So newbies get hammered hard!

Enjoying some sunshine…

Trying the other way…

I’ve got no aspirations of being a superstar mountain biker so cruising around the forest at Sharon’s pace is fine by me. It gives me time to take some photos and to enjoy being outside without people around. Interestingly I’ve found that going at a slow pace and playing around on all the trail features we encounter has resulted in a noticeable improvement in my own riding. I’ve cleaned sections at Hartland and Partridge Hills recently that have stopped me for the last two years.

I guess there is some karmic payback for helping a new rider…=-)

Practice makes perfect…

One last drop for good measure…

Incredibly dry trails!

Lovely views…

I’m hoping to get Sharon down to Sedona this fall for some riding in a location that’s different than home. Our trails are really hard and most of them are deep in the forest [you see lots of open terrain photos on this blog just because the light is better]. Sedona would offer some easier riding for her to flex her skills as well as serving up incredible scenery to fire the stoke.

Thank you summer sunshine…

The green room….

Not that I am complaining. Our local trails may be hard and they may be mostly tucked away in the gloomy BC costal rainforest, but they are fun and I rarely run into other mountain bikers when I am riding. Combine that with a 12 month/yr mountain bike season and we have to admit we are pretty lucky.

Made in the shade…



3 responses

17 05 2012
Doug M.

“mountain biking 12 months/year”. I now have a new dream place to live.

17 05 2012

In the summer I wear shorts and a t-shirt.

In the winter I wear shorts, a long sleeve t-shirt and I use bike lights.

17 05 2012

Hey Vik, when are you going to Sedona? I’m going to be taking a trip sometime in September. We should meet up if our schedules match!

I actually have two questions I’ve been meaning to send your way. Where do you stay out there? I was looking at the lodgings Bike and Bean link to, they seem pretty good. Also, do you need a car, or can you access all the trails by bike? I was thinking of visiting a friend in Phoenix, and then trying to get a ride or a bus up to Sedona for a week of trail shenanigans.

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