Gravel Pimping ain’t cheap…

12 05 2012

My On One Scandal with Porcelain Rocket bags…

On our recent bikepacking recon adventure Scott mentioned that the white fabric used in my Porcelain Rocket bike bags was really, really, really expensive and that folks that were ordering their bags with that fabric based on seeing my bags here on this blog might be shocked at the extra cost.

So I’m letting you know that if you want to rock the white uber cool Gravel Pimp look it’s gonna cost you!

Same bags on my Surly Pugsley…

If you are on a budget he’s got a ton of different fabrics and can steer you towards something equally awesome, but considerably cheaper.

Personally I was a little shocked when I found out what the bags cost in white, but after having them in my hot little hands for a few months I’d spend the $$ and do it all over again. I definitely advise anyone wanting bike bags to skip basic black and consider a vibrant colour or camo.

Black is so 2009!….=-) It’s time to party like it’s 2012 baby!



7 responses

12 05 2012

Agree! I like the white but I wonder if it’s a bitch to keep clean.

12 05 2012

I let the mud dry and brush it off. Takes about 3 mins for all the bags. I have a black framebag that always looks dirty no matter what I do to it. I find the same thing with white bikes vs. black bikes. The white ones always look cleaner than the black ones.

12 05 2012
Anthony DeLorenzo

I actually don’t care for the white colour but I went with the pricey stuff for its durability and it only comes in white. In Scott’s words, that fabric is “the pinnacle of abrasion resistance combined with waterproofness.”

12 05 2012

@Anthony- hopefully the colour grows on you. Having seen lots of black bags they look like crap after the first ride. I hope not to test the abrasion resistance of this white fabric!!!…=-)

12 05 2012
Seve Jones

Black is so 2009. and white is so 2003… like my Kona NuNu! ha ha!
I’m with you on the colors though.. life is short, may as well make it colorful.
Black ( by itself ) looks so boring. My new bike (now under construction) takes it’s color cues from Lamborghini sports cars and will definitely pop! but will never go as fast 🙂

15 05 2012
doug d

I got black based on price and the colour getting along with all my bikes. I agree that it will probably look dirty after two rides. Part of me would like to get some cool colours, but the practical side of me says that really tough and less expensive trumps looks any day. Also, when I am riding, I seldom see my own bike anyway.

27 05 2012
The Rocket goes Pimp! « The Lazy Rando Blog…

[…] I guess my white Porcelain Rocket bikepacking bag bling was so hot Scott decided to make some for himself. Scott’s pimped out Hunter 29er… […]

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