Surly Troll Rohloff Build…

5 05 2012

Pushing Pedals Blog…

The Surly Troll is a popular 26″ bikepacking rig and some smart folks are building them up with Rohloff hubs. If you click on the images in this post you’ll be launched to other sites where you can enjoy some IGH bikepacking goodness,,,,=-)

Cass Gilbert’s Rohloff Troll…

BTW – Pushing Pedals Blog has a shout out to Porcelain Rocket that’s worth a look.



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5 05 2012

Vik, I have a small (5’3″ to 5’7″) Surly Troll for sale in Edmonton. Brooks Saddle, Shimano LX, all premium parts, full racks only about 200km on bike, as it is a hair small for me. Asking $1150 which is waaaay less than it cost to build, Thanks,

6 05 2012
Patrick O Watson

Vik, are you familiar with it’s 3 brothers riding from Alaska to Patagonia. All three of them chose Trolls with Rohloffs for this trip.

7 05 2012

I believe it’s referred to as a “Trollhoff”…

8 05 2012

@Patrick – I hadn’t heard of that site/trip. Thanks for the link. i’ll take a look.

8 05 2012
Rick C.

Trolloff? Trohloff?

I’m not sure which is better, but I want credit for the term.

Thanks for the great article.

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